M33: Sony's PSP homebrew policy is 'not correct'

Russian hacking group M33 has given its first ever web based interview and comment on all sorts of matters including how many are in their team, what else they do, why they decided to continue Dark_Alex's project and Sony's 'not correct' approach to PSP homebrew.

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MK_Red3908d ago

I agree with them. Home Brew is not piracy, its just PSP / electric device users want to try more things and thats not breaking any rules IMO, boot-leg and burned games are the problem. They must be shown some of the uber cool home-brew PSP games to realise how wrong they are.

Charlie26883908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

The problem is that the homebrew was not design to work with the PSP (from a manufacturer point of view) so Sony doesn't want consumers to blame Sony for any unexpected problem with the homebrew (that is why it voids the warranty), cuz we all know if homebrew was "mainstream" idi*ts will ruin their PSP and blame it on Sony

If "Home Brew is not piracy" they should stop making the boot loaders compatible with the homebrew firmware EASY and stop distributing the pirated ISOs in the same sites they promote the homebrew PERIOD

basically people cant handle homebrew without abusing

Bnet3433908d ago

Picking up the torch that Dark Alex lit. Thanks to them, 4 level brightness is achievable without needing to have the battery charging the PSP. I love my PSP. It's the best handheld in the world if you get your PSP some CFW.

ud3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

The PSP is the best handheld (for real gamers at least). Favorite game : Killzone Liberation =)

Didn't meant to reply to you, but whatever

Marceles3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

PSP + 4GB memory card + 3.40 OE = PSP heaven. Everything from NES games to PS1 games using Sony's own PS1 emulator running perfectly. If the average consumer knew custom firmware and what the PSP can truly do and how to do it, it would sell like crazy. This part made me laugh:

"When Sony understands the useless of their attempts to fight against CFW, they WILL release the firmware that will allow to run homebrew. That will be the "ideal firmware""

Fighter3908d ago

I play all those classic nintendo and arcade games from my childhood on the PSP. My friends all want a PSP because of the appeal of homebrew until I tell them that homebrew is not really legal.

Even though I do buy games for the PSP I will never upgrade my firmware to Sony's because I like freedom and convenience of homebrew.

xaphanze3908d ago

Ive never bought an original copy of any game on my psp,i download them all from the net.

djt233908d ago

i never bought a game for my psp
to me psp is all about homebrew boot-leg games and demo
i have two 1 gig memory stick duo, i also have 32mb and 512mb stick

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