American Hardware Sales Week Ending 8/4/07

Similar to the PS3 a few weeks ago, this is the last full week of Americas sales data before the Xbox 360 price drops. That said, sales do support the need for a 360 pricedrop - as even at $500 (temporarily) the PS3 was starting to sustain sales greater than the Xbox 360 in its best market.

It should be fascinating to watch sales in coming weeks as both price and content improve significantly for 360 and PS3. Here is a look at this week's hardware sales compared to last week:

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Anego Montoya FTMFW3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Beating 360 EVERYWHERE!

Blame N4G.

it`s funny how 360ers have resorted to blaming this SITE for ps3 beginning to take over.


or IT might be because the general public that obviously don`t want to buy the 360, found out the console they WANT has had a price drop?

or maybe this is just a fluke?

Ps3Fanboy7773943d ago

Pretty crazy, cant believe after the solid lead Microsoft clearly had, they are now just doing horribly.

But who cares its just #'s and none of us receive anything if they move more units or not.

WilliamRLBaker3943d ago

because in europe retailers have drastically lowered the price of the ps3, and in america sony it self lowered the price to phase the 60 gig out....That might be an account for why its beating 360 FINALLY in america and europe...maybe...who knows..

ChanDangle3943d ago

N4G is run buy PS3 fanboys!!! blahhhh aslkdgjjaklsjg...(whatever)

Before anyone starts to say stuff, suck it up. Sony adopters have been taking it for quite a while and like the ps2 they are picking up the pace now.

nomuken3943d ago

Making a comeback. I'm glad, anyone else?

ud3943d ago

i'm sure every loyal sony fans knew this =). I don't get why people think the ps3 isn't going to sell. I mean, they've won the last generation pretty easily and they're coming back with MONSTER hardware. Guess who's gonna bring the best games this gen... YEP Sony's at it again! =)

Odion3943d ago

OOOOO not 4000 units and dropping

Odion3943d ago

OOOOO not 4000 units and dropping

Erakiles3943d ago

the ps3 sales are dropping for lack of games and the delay of lair

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The story is too old to be commented.