PSP, Not quite dead yet

With the Nintendo DS dominating the market, the Sony PSP is not looking so good.
But the functionality of PSP are still amazing.

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N4GAddict2881d ago

Peace Walker made sure it won't be.

xtremexx2881d ago

Hideo Kojima comes to save the day!!!!!!!!



Too Much?

N4GAddict2881d ago

You can never have too much Kojima.

Poseidon2881d ago

it only does resurrection

emk20042881d ago

and with gow and the third birthday coming up i dont see it going away soon.

Elven62881d ago

How well has Peace Walker sold? I know it didn't chart in America on NPD. In the end it's all don't to software, I love my PSP though more than my DS. The DS has few titles that appeal to me but the PSP is my go to handheld device for almost anything.

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Paradise Lost2881d ago

I prefer the psp over the ds any day of the week.

T9X692881d ago

I saw a little kid in Gamestop last week who didn't think the PSP was dead. He was like 6-8 years old marching around Gamestop like Hitler with a PSP in his right hand screaming "P-S-P, YEA!". Funnest shit I've seen in Gamestop in a long time.

nickjkl2881d ago (Edited 2881d ago )

pssh forget the psp when is the ps2 going to die i thought it was going to die 10/28

but then this game this dam game

Pro Evolution Soccer 2011

comes up and revives it

its like developers want to be the last game ever made for the ps2

Handhelds_FTW2881d ago

I personally haven't been this excited for upcoming PSP titles in a long time.

To me the PSP is far from dead.

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