Why PC Gaming Can Suck

There are many things that have been used to play games but the longest lasting gadget of course is the PC. The PC has been here since the 1980s and has been used to play many many games however with so many things changing and games getting better the PC can truly suck.

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Pandamobile2882d ago

Oh look, another article written about PC gaming by a console gamer.

N4GAddict2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Yeah, I enjoy PC gaming...

AndrewRyan2882d ago

This article is stupid, the author is obviously using a PC from the stone age with crappy specs if he is having this many problems. Honestly, he is complaining about RAM usage? You only need a minimum of 2GB ram! What the hell is this guy using? 1gb of DDR 300mhz? Honestly, I am using 4GB DDR3 1333mhz and I have never had a problem with any game. Not only that but he mentions that PC's need constant upgrades? Not true, if someone bought a 9800GT right now they could use it for years, sure they wouldn't be able to play games on maximum, but it would still be better then any xbox 360 game that is coming out, this goes for other parts aswell.

In conclusion. This article is stupid.

Fishy Fingers2882d ago

"sometimes PC’s can go so high in quality that they are better than consoles."


xtremexx2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )


actually i barely play my console, i have spent most of my time on the computer since starcraft 2's release

Also if you read the article then you would see that i also wrote the good things about it aswell

Pandamobile2882d ago

Still a retarded article.

ExplosionSauce2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Is Starcraft II the first major PC release this year?
It feels like it's been a while since I've played a major non-multiplatform game on PC.
Most of the time I find myself just buying games on console. Except for flash based games and other small indie titles.

Arnon2882d ago

You barely play your console because of StarCraft II's release, which was about a week ago. Oh yeah. That's some heavy PC playing.

Corepred42882d ago

i don't mind pc gaming but i think the reason i think badly of it and think only nerds play it is because of guys like pandamobile, conloles and lolconsoles. With their holyier(sp?) than thou attitude.

zag2882d ago

Yeah same deal though I wouldn't call Starcraft or World of Warcraft ground breaking games.

They weren't new or ground breaking when they came out years ago.

It would have been better to have said ground breaking games like Dune II, Ultima Online and the first CD based game Myst, that played music off the CD itself.

PC hardware at the moment has panned out again, where buying something for $200 still lets you play everything new anyway with decent frame rates.

Be hard to get a PC game that would kill the newest hardware these days.

I reckon next year PC gaming will kill the consoles once some new games etc start coming out, you can see all the Game Devs have been waiting for the hardware to play catch up now it's just a matter for the software side to come out.

PC gaming never dies just waxes and wanes, where as console gaming can die once you can't push the hardware anymore and can't come up with any new ideas.

evrfighter2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

"actually i barely play my console"

what a coincidence, I barely play my consoles also. There's actually nothing that even looks remotely interesting coming out for consoles.

You're also saying that because you played starcraft 2 this week, you're to be considered as a pc gamer and your opinion counts as such?

ummm lol? In the end you're just a console gamer that played starcraft 2. That's pretty much it in a nutshell.

akiraburn2882d ago

@xtremexx, hey man, I thought I would chip in my two cents here. There are a few few suggestions I would like to make about your article and presentation to perhaps improve it and to get more people to enjoy it. First off, I'm not trying to be rude or offensive with any of this, but the headline is misleading and sounds like another article meant to trash/bash on "X" gaming platform. You could have titled it something more along the lines of, "The Ups and Downs of Being a PC Gamer", or "A Look at PC Gaming Today". It's not worth the 7 to 10 extra hits if all you are doing is getting people angry with you and your site.

Second, provide more content for your article to go on. What you provided isn't necessarily bad, but it could use more to it. Include factual references, more pictures, and more game information. Like, on my side of things as a loooong time PC and console gamer, I can understand some of your points in both good and bad, but there is a lot more to expand on there. For this article, you could have touched on PC gaming of the past, as well as the future. Like including a back catalog of games worthwhile to check out which most modern PCs should be able to handle without needing an additional massive video card or extra RAM, but also upcoming game's specs which you may need new hardware for if you are interested in them.

Anyway, that's just my suggestions here. Judging off your article, I don't think your intention was necessarily to "bash" PC gaming, but the title made many readers believe so. I think also that your sentence structure and professionalism could use a bit of work. If you really want to write and have people take your opinion articles seriously, I think those would all be good steps in the right direction, or at least something to consider.

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Darkstorn2882d ago

My only criticisms of PC gaming are the need for expensive graphics card upgrades and the lack of splitscreen.

Apart from that, it does just about everything better.

kasasensei2882d ago

Your main criticism is not "really" true. I can take my PC for example. It is basically a athlon 4800X2 2.4ghz with 2gb ram kingston hyperx and a 8800gts640 with a terratec 7.1 and a 19"asus vw192s.
All of this is a little more than 3 years old. I can play any game on it. Mainly because of the 1440*900 screen resolution. It is not too big, so my hardware can easily run dirt2 at 70fps in native, for example. I play only with a minimum AA*2 and a filtering*2, so it is really not a problem to handle any game with these settings. And if the game remains too heavy, i switch the shadows to low and all is fine.
So as you can see, pc gaming does not force you to have an upgrade for your killer machine every year.

dirthurts2882d ago

Not mandatory at all. Why does everyone think everything has to run at max settings? It's certainly not the case.

Darkstorn2882d ago

I can barely run new releases with my 256mb Geforce 8600.

NewZealander2882d ago

there are so many games that dont even make it to pc, so if you want a massive selection of some of best games get a console, if you want to continually upgrade your pc to play games thats sweet, but on console at least you get a huge variety of games not available on pc.

plus ill take playing socially in my living room any day over being stuck behind a keyboard.

MWH2882d ago

make that a juvenile console gamer. for the sake of whatever you cherish the most, get past this nonsense enjoy gaming while your age permits it and get a social life instead of sitting behind a "PC" keyboard to waste our time and the least of our concerns yours as well with such poor and attention-begging articles.

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NYC_Gamer2882d ago

we get one of these articles like every week

KingKiff2882d ago

Every day you mean... I am surprised that the author didn't say the top 10 reasons why PC gaming is dead lol...


Chris_TC2882d ago

I'm so sick of the unrealistic upgrade argument. Does the console hardware get upgraded? No. So obviously we don't need to upgrade the PC either to play those same games.

The real killer2882d ago

Please shut your big mouth litlle boy.

This article has some real good points, i play more often on my PC than consoles and i hate when game suck many GPU power or RAM and even CPU power, meanwhile on consoles like PS3 get the very good looking games with less powerfull hardware.

Yes, this article has made good point and you don't get it right?

Pandamobile2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

Are you learning disabled or something?

"i hate when game suck many GPU power or RAM and even CPU power"


If the games you're trying to play are to intense for your computer, that probably means you've got a pretty shitty computer, because if you've got a mid-range PC from the last 3 years or so, you should be able to play just about any game on the market.

SOAD2882d ago

It's hard to believe you play games on PC at all.

Chris_TC2882d ago

That's because he obviously doesn't.

hamoor2882d ago

"This article has some real good points, i play more often on my PC than consoles and i hate when game suck many GPU power or RAM and even CPU power, meanwhile on consoles like PS3 get the very good looking games with less powerfull hardware"

no your atom netbook is not suited for games

SOAD2882d ago

damn. I have an atom netbook. while it's certainly not for gaming, I can play some oldies without much trouble. Elder Scrolls Morrowind, for example.

hoops2882d ago

Oh Real are so stupid

hoops2882d ago

Stop playing games on your P3 system running a 4600ti then Real Killer. Forget it....just stick to sub HD PS3/Xbox360 gaming with no AA and 30fps with last generation HDR suits you

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Zenkure2882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

PC is waaaay better than consoles, the only thing that sucks about it is the amount of money that can be spent on upgrading it.

I will say though, based on controls there are some games better fit for PC and other games are a better fit for consoles. Although some games are really more on how comfortable you are with a controller or a mouse and keyboard.

karlowma2882d ago

Considering you can use either a PS3 or XBox 360 controller with a PC, this point is null and void.

Zenkure2882d ago

yeah well some people can't afford to continuously upgrade their PC and have a 360 or PS3

8800gtx2882d ago

Upgrades? wat?

How is it the RSX or Xenos manage to play current gen games? oh thats right they run them on lower settings, most of the time even in sub HD.

At my age i could still play 95% of the games out there at 1080p that sure beats hardware marketed as next gen.


SolidSystem2882d ago

another "pc gaming costs too much money"

-cheaper games
-if you keep your PC in good order and dont wait till your PC cant play games anymore to upgrade it, it usually only takes a quick fix to get it back to funning full blast.

i have a gaming PC, one of the top tier ones as well. it takes maybe 50 dollars a year of necessary upgrades to keep it in good condition.

Scudd2882d ago

I agree totally. The PC i built 4 or so years ago still plays games which look better than anything a console can put out. PC games have the option to reduce graphics to make the games run smoother. Upgrading is not a requirement unless ur pc is ancient. If you want to play the latest games at the best quality then yes, upgrading is essiential but unfortunatly for the PC, developers are just giving us lousy ports of console games and not enough to push our systems to the limit.

Agent-862882d ago (Edited 2882d ago )

You don't even need a top tier system to enjoy PC gaming. My rig cost $500 to build two years ago and can run most games on high settings or graphically intense ones on medium. It has 6400+ (3.2ghz dual core), 9800 GTX+ (512mb), and 4gbs RAM. Not a powerhouse, but even on medium settings, the graphics are usually far better than what you get on the consoles.

These days, I think game publishers are leading more on consoles (due to piracy on PC only titles) and porting the games to PC with tacked on dx11 support. As a result of this "console-drag" on gaming, you don't need to constantly upgrade and can keep existing components longer. PC's are very reasonable these days and think the "PC's are too expensive" argument no longer applies.

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