Crafting your own villager into Fable III will have a catch

Now you can create your own villager in Fable III that will appear in game, but there’s a catch. This only goes for pre-orders for the game “at participating retailers” which you then must redeem the code they give you and actually put your villager into the Fable III game.

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lynch2668d ago

loved fable 2, havent heard much about fable 3 bar u are a king
why is this one a crappy broken game ????

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The Milkman2668d ago

If only you could use you very own voice for the NPC you've created... That's too cool for a developer to think of though. Seems like they have a perfect recipe and then they end up forgetting the salt.

HarryMonogenis2667d ago

But sometimes the salt is not needed and will ruin your dish. ;)

dark-hollow2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

looks very promising

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