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captain-obvious2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

15 * 20 = 300

that's 300 million dollars in case you didn't understand and that only from map packs
well form the looks of things i don't see COD dying any time soon

300 million dollars of profit just went strait to Activision's wallet
this is a very very sad day in gaming

PSfan092690d ago

and the fact is this game is no longer fun, its about people trying to increase their k/d ratio. I've went in a room with everyone just camping (no jokes either)

fortehhordes2690d ago

Not 20 million of the MW2 map packs. 20 Million map packs across the whole franchise.

UnSelf2690d ago

and here Activision was worried abot charging for MP

(scoffs) look at all the mindless drones thatll pay for anything

Anon19742690d ago

I bought the packs for COD4 and I had a lot of fun. I grabbed 2 of the COD WAW packs and again had a blast (Zombies ftw). I grabbed the first pack for MW2 and was very underwhelmed despite the new $15 dollar price tag. MW2 multiplayer just isn't up to COD4. Too glitchy, too many cheaters, too many problems, too unbalanced. My friends and I used to play COD4 religiously on the weekends. We'd arrange a time, we'd all meet up online and it was a blast. Although each of us bought MW2, we haven't had a single match where we've all got together because we all are in agreement. MW2's multiplayer just isn't as good.

And Activision wants to charge us for multiplayer in the future? There are plenty of better multiplayer shooters out there. Activision needs to get off their high horse and realize that.

tinybigman2690d ago

Contribute to any of that. Just bought the game, beat campaign and sold it back.

pustulio2690d ago

Me neither Kotick can go fuck himself because i got them for free. n_n

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Baltis2690d ago

Unbelievable. People are that stupid. Marketing, kids. It's all marketing. Activision and EA are both masters of it. COD is the most generic FPS I've ever played. Well, Disrupter, Resistance 1 & 2 withstanding. How people can choose one fps over the other is lunacy. They are all the same. And look at all the money wasted there. 20million + whatever they cost, I don't even know because I wouldn't be caught dead playing another COD game. I played like part 5 on my ps3 with a buddy and now I can't get the trophies off there.

mrv3212690d ago

Why bring R1 and R2 into this? Wait don't answer that.

SO let me get this straight

R1 is generic
R2 is COMPLETELY different to the original in every sense of the word but is still generic?

Halo hasn't changed and involves space marines, Gears again space marines type people... Resistance a 1950's Alien invasion.

Coramoor_2690d ago (Edited 2690d ago )

random troll of anything ever made by insomniac, you must be a hater of them for some reason

i love how someone disagreed with my post... there isn't even anything to disagree with

xYLeinen2690d ago

And they all say they hate the game. Contradicting fucks all of you

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