Why DLC (Live/PSN) hasn't lived up to its potential

1UP's editor Garnett Lee writes:

"Last week the first downloadable content for Forza 2 finally arrived. It couldn't have been a more anti-climactic moment. Two full months after its release, we get three sponsored Nissans and a Peugeot racecar...uh, whoopee. Seriously, that's it, and to make matters worse not so much as a whiff of what and when to expect anything more other than "we have plans." Gosh, that's great. Too bad there won't be but a handful of people around to give a damn by then."

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Rhezin3879d ago

it will by the holidays and next year so quit b!tchin

ASSASSYN 36o3879d ago

Whine all you want nobody foces people to get DL content at all it is optional and not required. The forza nissan content is free and coincides with a tournament that happens to require a specific nissan car in the DL content.

Genki3879d ago

it's because some consumers don't care to be nickeled and dimed, that's why.

For me personally, I don't like the idea of purchasing small nuances like costume packs, weapons, and little things like that. I recently saw the new goblin pack for spider-man on the PSN. Just not my cup of tea. I haven't even bought the Resistance map pack, it just doesn't seem worth it when the PC community has been trading mods and maps for over a decade now for free, created by other users and more than likely more worth your while than the stuff we're seeing now.

Content packs, episodic content(what a disgustingly deceptive euphemism), and extra characters don't really seem worth it in the end, especially considering you'll most likely have beaten the game by the time some of these things are released. They usually don't alter the experience enough to make a difference, and therefore justify purchase.

D/l games are another thing, I think those have been great, and they're very plentiful already, with no signs of slowing down. I just don't see the need to add things onto an already finished, or should be anyway, game unless it's in the form of an expansion pack.

Again, D/L games and free demos are great, but the extra content thing hasn't been very good up to now. Could change though, who knows.

MK_Red3879d ago

Superb point. PC games have always had DLC and all of them were free, not to mention that online play was free. Now Xbox live costs you, buying a small car for Ridge Racer costs you and even for a small horse armor in-game you have to pay more than 5 bucks!

I hope Epic can bring the sanity back to online games with UT3. Up unitl now all UT2000 to UT2004 content has been free. Epic wanted to do the same with Gears but MS didn't allow them. Now its up to UT3 to settle the score. Free DLC FTW.

Clinton5143879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

No one has really come up with a fair pricing scheme for much of their content as of yet(unless someone points out otherwise to me).

The model seems to be less about giving the user interesting content and more about generating a quick buck. If they want my money and interest in their games...I need more bang for my buck.

This goes out to both the PSN and XBL content.

edit: bubbles for Genki, we're on the same page. lol.

gogators3879d ago

support from Turn 10. They have fixed a few of the glitches, but other than that nothing. The game is shelved this coming week.

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