Video game mogul Kotick loses fight with top Hollywood litigator

Activision boss Bobby Kotick has lost a legal battle against one of California's most notorious attorneys.

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HydraxFFx2786d ago

I'm always happy when something bad happens to this guy. Does that make me a bad person?

rroded2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

id care if he got set up or not but this guy i hope he did n their all laughing at him while spending his cash.

n Bobby hope u go out with a whimper so that ceo's n corperation all over can see your style leads only to failure.

HolyOrangeCows2786d ago

"Glaser alleged that Kotick owed her firm more than $1 million in legal fees.
The case itself was complicated - and dated back to a 2007 sexual harassment lawsuit"
LOL, Bobby is a thieving pervert that hates the gaming industry.

I almost hope that he gets into trouble with the IRS next.

FanboysWillHateMe2786d ago

it seems unfair that this girl should get that much money over something that was never proven. 200 grand?! I swear, that makes me want to be sexually harassed.

zeeshan2785d ago

How can the board of directors still keep this guy a CEO is way beyond me!

Biggunz2785d ago

$1,500,000...thats about 2 weeks pay for Bob...

HSx92785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

I looked for his pictures on google, and he is obviously a jew, this sickens me.

KingKiff2785d ago

I am as anti Semantic (well anti Israeli anyway, but one can't say shiz about Israel with it being directed at the Jewish community) as the next bloke but I mean come on. Lets no pick on the Jews...

HSx92785d ago

I honestly don't care, I'll keep calling this man a jew, he doesn't deserve respect from anyone. If you think he cares about gamers, then you're wrong, he just cares about the best way to keep his pockets full.

ico922785d ago

I despise Bobby Kotic with a passion, i want Activision to fail more than any other company out there, but lets keep the Anti-Semitism out of gaming.

TradingWarStories2785d ago

Being anti-jewish does not mean your an anti-semite. Semite's include arabs, christians and jews.

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Snakefist302786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Oh thank god, Kotick needs a couple of kicks in the nuts, hopefully one day with enough batterment to his balls he will become a p***y, lose his company so someone with an interest in gaming can take control.

prunchess2786d ago

These delusions of grandeur that Kotick suffers from will continue to cost him money. I'm really looking forward to the day he announces a subscription fee for the COD series. Watch it bomb and Kotick get his marching orders.

gamingdroid2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

"All parties ultimately settled the case with Madvig in April 2008 by paying her $200,000, plus $475,000 in legal fees."

"He awarded her firm $938,458, along with $479,898 in legal fees and costs - making a grand total of $1.42 million (plus 10 per cent interest)."

It means, it cost more to defend a case than the actual damages with about 10 times the cost. Lawyers in the U.S are far over payed and has far too much power, but let's all focus the hate on Bobby Kotick.

AssassinHD2786d ago

Why not focus the hate on Bobby Kotick? Regardless of what you believe attorneys should be paid, Bobby did not pay what he owed. The attorney is just trying to get what is owed to her firm. By the way, Kotick gets over $15 million a year in salary and bonuses.

Darkfocus2785d ago

Kotick's even more overpayed than the lawyers though

Seferoth752785d ago

It isnt like that money goes to 1 person dude. It was her FIRM. It was obviously a big enough firm that he trusted them to defend him in court.

Cases lie that take a lot of people working together over a long period of time.
Not that I do not agree that the average lawyer gets paid way too much.

gamingdroid2785d ago

I'm not saying attorneys shouldn't get paid, I'm saying they are getting paid far too much and hold too much power.

I find it ridiculous that you can now sue anyone and it will cost you a fortune just to defend yourself. You are basically guilty until proven innocent now. Yet the guy suing you, all he need is a stamp!

As it is, legal cost and lawyers are leeches that sucking out the wealth out of the country. One day you might find yourself in a car accident, just a scratch, but that scratch might yield a hefty lawsuit that will cost you a fortune...

Kotick's over payment doesn't threaten my freedom or my hard worked built up asset. Lawyers do!

AssassinHD2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

If you think attorney's are overpaid then you are welcome to go through 7 years of higher education, pass the BAR in your state, and charge whatever you wish.

gamingdroid2785d ago (Edited 2785d ago )

Are you a lawyer? Since you are so fiercely defending them.

I don't care how much education they have as there are plenty of other that go through the same schooling and receive considerably less compensation. The bottom line is, lawyers are a threat to the US. We need less laws and even less confusing laws and even fewer lawyers.

Did you know there are more lawyers in California than the rest of the US?

Lawyers is the reason why we continue to have more laws that require lawyers to figure it out. Why do you think the health system is so expensive? It's because of the darn lawyers. Do you know how much malpractice insurance cost?

Not only that, but as an entrepreneur it is incredibly difficult to start a business. You should read this on patents:

Laws are needed and so are lawyers, just not frivolous lawsuits that cost both tax payers and the country. There need to be a repercussion if you loose a case, just like any other European country.

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Kassanova072785d ago

Good news!

I hope this fuk loses the IW case and gets fired.

Aaroncls72785d ago

Kotick hates gamers, developers and now women...

And in turn, the world hates him.

-Mezzo-2785d ago

No wonder he's always looking for ways to squeeze out more money from us Gamers, He knows that he's a Pervert & someone has to pay for the Lawsuits.

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mrv3212786d ago

I don't care if he was innocent but YAY

SeanRL2786d ago

ya, who cares, take his money away and give acti a real ceo

SOAD2785d ago

I guess we deserve the American legal system that we have.

"It doesn't matter if he's not guilty of the charges. He's a douchebag so convict him!"

squallheart2785d ago

well said i dont like the guy but dont let personal opinions cloud judgement.

Lord_Doggington2786d ago

mk, i know kotick is in the public eye and everything, but this has absolutely NOTHING to do with games.

don't care bout this shit

Forbidden_Darkness2786d ago

Every thing bad that happens to Bobby, is the best news of the week for gamers... So yes it is.

life doomer2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

yes, this is the happiest day of my life.

Party at my place

MexicanAppleThief2786d ago

Drunk white girls for all!

First dibs. :P

DaBadGuy2786d ago

I'll bring the tacos and vodka.

Put the end of a taco shell in your mouth and then pour the vodka down the slope and into your mouth, it's the best.

KingKiff2785d ago

I am going to try that...

Sounds nasty lol