Stranglehold Demo Impressions & Videos

The demo let's gamers play through the first level of Stranglehold, but adds a few extra touches (golden pistols, being one of them). As Inspector Tequila, you enter a Hong Kong marketplace in search of some men who abducted a fellow officer. Over the course of the ten-minute demo, we learn that Tequila does most of his talking with his guns.

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MK_Red3724d ago

I wished they had added the boss fight to the demo. Hopefully its not too easy/ cheesy.
Another bad thing is that there is no mention of PS3 version (& Because of that HD Hard Bolied, this is the version I want to buy).

Komrad3724d ago

There is great potential for this game to be cheesy. I would have hoped that the bullet dodging controls well, from what i see it seems more like a gimmick. We'll see, but i was rather quite excited about this game. don't 'paycheck' on us... please...

@MK: HD HARDBOILED - totally.

MK_Red3724d ago

Totally agreed. Lets hope its Hard Boiled Stranglehold not Paycheck Stranglehold.

primoproof3724d ago

From the looks of it the interesting part isnt the bullet time, its the use of the environment as a skate park while shooting. The graphics look eh for 15 gigs.... But here's hoping the gameplay > graphics.

s8anicslayer3724d ago

not much hype for this game, i think it might be good

Geohound3724d ago

this game just totally went from forget about it to rental.. this is out next week, correct?

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