Boogie 1UP review 3/10

So, chances are, you've heard of Boogie by now: It's an ambitious mashup of genres, a rhythm/karaoke game for the Nintendo Wii, dosed with a dash of vaudevillian bizarreness. Let's get another thing straight: This is a party game. If you are playing this by yourself, you aren't going to have very much fun. After all, nobody wants to look stupid at home, alone, by herself.

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ngg123453877d ago

I'm still probably going to buy it, looks like fun.

MK_Red3877d ago

Agreed. 1UP has been harsh before but they really butchered this one. But I fear they may be right, from the demos and the test of review, the 3/10 makes sense.

MK_Red3877d ago

Wow, and GamePro gave it an 8!! I was expecting 5 for this game and both sites did totally different. One 8/10 and another 3/10!

ChickeyCantor3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

isnt this a hint towards us all?
A hint that tells, its always a personal opinion?
And you should always try it out, no matter what people tell you.


Kokoro3877d ago (Edited 3877d ago )

is now a rubbish game. they could have done much better with such a great concept. But decided just to let it go and the hell with it. It is the "half-ass: game Itaki was looking for.

MK_Red3877d ago

Agreed. The concept is cute and specially noble on Wii and seems error-proof but they really did nothing for the game beyond concept and the idea.

Personally, I really hurt the characters and the art direction of this game but thats not the real problem with this game.

MK_Red3877d ago

I've always trusted 1UP more than GamePro and come on, 4/5 (8 out of 10) is really too much for this game. Even at E3 it got no nomination and most of previews and impressions where like "Still not feeling Boogie" (Joytiq, Kotaku, 1UP and more).

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The story is too old to be commented.