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Submitted by mjolliffe 1946d ago | news

Atomic To Talk Six Days In Fallujah After Breach Release

Atomic Games are to speak more on its highly controversial shooter Six Days In Fallujah after the release of its downloadable title Breach in January, Connected Consoles can reveal. (PC, PS3, Six Days in Fallujah, Xbox 360)

mjolliffe  +   1946d ago
Great -- I've been wondering where this game is. Not agreeing with Fox and CNN's reports on it in the last few years; after all, it was THE SOLDIERS who requested its creation by Atomic.

I look forward to seeing more :)
Man In Black  +   1946d ago
I remember reading somewhere that they lied about the soldiers wanting the game to be made. Some inconsistencies regarding dates.
Mmmkay  +   1946d ago
who cares? gamers want it released. i could not care less if some of the dates are wrong. it's not a documentary...
theKiller   1946d ago | Spam
SpaceSquirrel  +   1946d ago
I can't wait to hear more about it.
arakouftaian  +   1946d ago
true the game looks good long ago
but will it be? i just saw beta gameplay of spec ops and looks boring and ugly and im sure none of this Socom wanna be will be able to be half of what Socom 4 is going to be Socom 4 will be epic . . .
mjolliffe  +   1946d ago
It's supposed to be a lot more realistic than both Spec Ops: The Line and SOCOM 4. The gameplay I've managed to see is pretty promising. It's fully destructible as well, which will please a lot of shooter fans!
arakouftaian  +   1946d ago
Well all i have seen is few Youtube videos
And they all look cool but what im saying is that in the end they all fail i hope im wrong because i like games and having two good tactical tps will be nice and so far that beta video from SO looks boring we will see about Fahulla but that gane Breach looks very arcade and ugly.
Kingdom Come  +   1946d ago
Funny how the majority of times I've read your comments...
They are pro-PS3 and negative to anything non-exclusive. I mean, are you sh1tting me?! Spec-Ops: The Line is fantastic, I should know, I've played the Beta...
kevco33  +   1946d ago
The political hype will ensure this sells at least averagely.
Strikepackage Bravo  +   1946d ago
True Patriot here
I would love to see this game made so long as they don't make our soldiers out to be a bunch of unprofessional blood thirsty killers murdering innocent civilians by the truck load, just to appease the hate America first crowd.

Tell it like it really happened and its a day one purchase for me.
mrcash  +   1946d ago
How did it really happen? A lot of nasty things go on during war, my cousing was in the marines during that time and he told me some very disturbing stories, i'm not sure how they deal with half of the things they have had to do.. There's no way that they could be portrayed as unprofessional they are excellent killers it is what they do, that is their sole purpose as marines.
skip2mylou  +   1946d ago
dude they asked for soldiers who were in fallujah to help with the game

this helps further because the USMC that was asked to help was sent to fallujah and then THEY asked atomic to make the game for them showing what fallujah was about then they started getting hammered by asshats saying that its just glorifying wars
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Syaz1  +   1946d ago
don't know if they already have a new publisher, but i would recommend rockstar games. the reason i like them is because they dare to give the finger to these conservative politicians. releasing a game like this shouldn't affect rockstar much. plus, any game with a rockstar badge on the cover sells.
SpitFireAce85  +   1946d ago
Six Days In Fallujah
I was wondering what happened to this game.Cant wait to
at least see a trailer and then maybe a beta.
MRHARDON  +   1946d ago
I would want to see this game released
Just to piss off all them people who didnt want it released :)
skip2mylou  +   1946d ago
the game is already finished but konami backed out of publishing it because of all of the hate and then they were threatened of getting sued by families of soldiers in the battle of fallujah so its been put on hold until now this helps if anyone is wondering about the game
Mmmkay  +   1946d ago
So... Can I sue Treyarch then, cause my grandfather was killed by the Germans in 1944!? that's just stupid.
ATi_Elite  +   1946d ago
PC Elitist
Man I was so looking forward to Six Days in Fallujah until the stupid negative press.

Six Days was going to be a very raw and gritty shooter with very intense battles that would have immersed the gamer into a feeling of realism of the actual battles in Fallujah.

But thanks to Cnn Fox and a bunch of other people who don't even play games, Six days will be all politically correct and PG13. Translation tone down the violence and realism, make it arcady and soft and NO IEDs (Improvised explosive device).

Thanks alot MORONS as developers get laid off and we miss out on a good game.
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Kingdom Come  +   1946d ago
The Controversy and Critisism surrounding this title...
Shows how important the discussed themes represented within the game are, if done correctly this game could be truly fantastic, offering a hugely immersive experience to war-game fans, however I can see why the game has generated negative responses by some tabloids and what not, it is true, if found in the wrong hands, this game could spark retaliation and cause more trouble than it's worth, it depends on your view, is it "Just a game" or is it an offensive thought provoking part of media? I hope this game is released, but not hastily...
Rob Hornecker  +   1946d ago
I have been following this game since it was first mentioned a few years back and looked forward to its release. Since this was based on real events in a unpopular war the news media killed it.

Although its only in pre-talking stage,I give KUDOS to Atomic for stepping up to the plate to look into letting 6 DinF see the light of day. It would be a true injustice to not get this game out

As for being Controversal,I never hear on any WW2 vets complaining about games like Battlefield1943,early MoH or CoD WW2 games.
mjolliffe  +   1946d ago
Because those games aren't aiming to be as realistic as Six Days...
Rob Hornecker  +   1944d ago
You mean like Americas Army, or to some extent the upcoming Medal of Honor. MoH has real places and some what real talaban looking enemies. I'm surprised the left wingers haven't come out and complained about MoH,but hey,it's still a few months away from release.
Bolts  +   1945d ago
This game will suck
I hate to break the news to you guys but Atomic isn't exactly a triple A dev team. More than likely than not this game will turn out to be a mix of Operation Flash Point and Call of Duty ripoff.
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Rob Hornecker  +   1944d ago
Lets hope that isn't the case!

From what I have read about the game before Konami dropped it was that the game was 80% complete and that all it needed was a publisher to have enough BALLS to get it out.

Do a search on here ( ) for "six days in F" and look at the history of this game. This should be a MUST for all of you that have posted on this forum post.

I like how you mention "CoD" ripoff...LOL! You want to talk about a ripoff,Have you tried the beta for MoH? To me,thats more a ripoff of CoD than being compared to Battlefield BC 1/2. Considering it's from the same people that made BFBC.

IMHO, six d in F looks more like the Ghost Recon GRAW series.
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xAlmostPro  +   1945d ago
im really glad they carried on with this game even with the drop fron konami :)

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