Wii Sales Pass 10 Millions; only 290,000 behind Xbox 360

Chart indicating that the Wii is reaching the 360 in sales.

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ghettocheeze3908d ago

We will have new console king but the question is will anyone ever top Wii from hereon?

I hate to admit it but Microsoft is begining to lose a lot ground lately Wii has outsold them almost 5 to 1 in 2007 so. Even the PS3 managed to sell 4 million consoles when Microsoft is only doing about 2 million in fiscal 2007.

The console war is indeed heating up but this could change with the arrival of Halo 3.

joevfx3908d ago

this just prooves that the 360 was only selling cause it was the only new system option to buy at the time, now that there are other systems out its selling like poop. even the mor eexpensive PS3 is beating it in sales weekly.

Shaka2K63908d ago

game cube reaches 10 million world wide wooohooo still some millions to go to reach their competitors though, game cube 18 million,xbox 21 million and PS2 118 million.

now into next gen. talk pls..

game-over3908d ago

a wounded fan boy , well, whatever theory helps you sleep at night

machine3907d ago

and how long have those systems been out? the wii is still only in its birth year with two months to go. pretty impressive if you ask me. welcome back nintendo.
i think that the 360 will gain back some ground this holiday season because of its wonderful line up (i know i'm going to to help them out by buying one soon), but in the end i think that the wii sales will continue to surge without the dependence of FPS games as its main menu.

ChickeyCantor3908d ago

Cant w8 for the 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 Wiis behind 360 =D!

JeSsMaN3333908d ago

I can admit I am a PS3 fan more than the other consoles ... however I would like to see Nintendo on top and see how MS will respond to it. I hope its something different than he classic "we don't care about Nintendo ... we are against PS3" talk. I hope MS losing the #1 spot will make them work hard to try and get the hardware issues resolved. I don't think any console should be ridiculously ahead of another ... if the race is close then the consumer benefits greatly :)

machine3907d ago

I highly agree. i think that this will benefit everyone from this sense of competition; for it can only breed more ingenuity and further games as a whole.

cdzie13908d ago

Looks like PS3 sales are starting to slip... and the Xbox price cut hasn't even started...

Marceles3908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

Lol wow, no mention of the Wii at all in your comment. Congrats to the Wii for the milestone it has hit already. PS3 sales aren't slipping at all btw. The 80 gb and the 60 gb are selling well and once Bioshock and the price cut comes, the 360 is going to start back selling well too. It's all good for all systems...

edit: troll alert