Battle of the Bands: EA vs. Activision – Round 1, Fight!

In this special "battle of the bands" feature, Electronic Arts and Activision go at it like Axl Rose and Slash. We speak with EA's Frank Gibeau and Activision's Will Kassoy about the upcoming Rock Band vs. Guitar Hero III battle. Gibeau says they will "take it to them," while Kassoy says EA's Rock Band won't have the mass market recognition.

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MK_Red3943d ago

I dont know but with EA's Rock Band having Harmonix and big MTV on its side, its a bit unfair but at least GH3 has previous game and the price advantage.

Mr_Kuwabara3943d ago

Meh, in the end, we win. =P

sa_nick3942d ago

It's so obvious that all Neversoft and Activision worry about it money. They're taking a game Harmonix made, putting in some cool songs and adding crappy gimmick things like VS mode and boss battles. And they're saying they will get more sales because of the Guitar Hero fan base (which they didn't even create)

Anyone who knows about Harmonix and it's crew will know that they are making Rock Band for all the right reasons, ie, not money. They've been wanting to make this game for years and now that next gen consoles are here they finally have the means to do so.