PS3 Rock Band bundles come with wireless guitar, 360 version has wired bundles.

Joystiq has been working on getting answers to what's going on with Rock Band's peripheral pricing for a long time, there are still no "official" prices to be found, but there is one anomaly regarding the wireless Xbox 360 guitar that is really starting to kick up questions. This $20 difference in the prices between the Xbox 360 wired and wireless guitar, which Joystiq first reported on back in May, has come back around in a sneaky way with the Rock Band bundles. Both Amazon and GameStop currently sell the Rock Band bundle for $199, with one key difference: The PS3 version comes with a wireless guitar and the Xbox 360 version is wired.

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Ignorant Fanboy3877d ago

If I was going to spend $200 for a game on 360, I would definately pay the extra $20 to get wireless.

Maybe I will just say screw the achievements, and get this for my PS3.

SlappyMcTaint3877d ago

Achievements are for nurds.

Mr_Kuwabara3877d ago

Wires are soooooo last gen. *Paris Hilton voice*

killercam193877d ago

funny thing is that i hate wires but they never seem to actually bother me when i'm playing guitar hero

djt233877d ago

*Paris Hilton voice* that hot

i like that bubble for you

Chug3877d ago

Guess I know which one to get now.

DrWan3877d ago

they dont' bother you until your two year old yank it off of the table along with your PS2. Then it becomes obvious..wireless peripherals are needed..or when they choke their little brother/sister with the cofds. Wireless all the way.

heroman7113876d ago

lol did that happen to u

Cat3876d ago

my niece and nephew like to bring the rock, but they can't handle the cords.