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Backbreaker Gets Major Update, New Gameplay Features

Ex: In a move that shows serious dedication to both their community and the Backbreaker franchise, NaturalMotion Games have lifted the lid on Greathouse, the forthcoming update to their euphoria-powered football game, Backbreaker.

The community inspired update introduces brand new features, gameplay enhancements and tons of important tweaks. (505 Games, Backbreaker, NaturalMotion Games, PS3, Xbox 360)

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CrAppleton  +   1675d ago
That's awesome!
Queasy  +   1675d ago
It's nice that they are updating the game like this but it still makes the whole enterprise seem like a beta to the eventual more fully featured sequel.
Neco512  +   1675d ago
That's true, it looks like backbreaker will NOW end up being the completed game NaturalMotion wanted...way too late to compete with Madden this year though. I'm looking forward to playing the update, it looks like it really addresses all the complaints people - and reviewers - had.
CrAppleton  +   1675d ago
True, that sucks... with any luck the Madden Monopoly will end soon
Topshelfcheese  +   1675d ago
LMAO...you do know backbreaker sold like 49k copies, madden 10 on the ps2 sold over 700k, on the PS2!!! Backbreaker will never ever compete.
killyourfm  +   1675d ago
Dude, your argument is completely invalid considering the PS2 has the largest install base in the history of consoles - and backbreaker didn't release on that system. Still, sales sucked, agreed. Question: Did you ever play the first MADDEN? :-)
Motion  +   1675d ago
I think the main reason it didn't sell well was not being able to get licensed franchises. Blame EA for that when they were competing with 2K Sports. Regardless though, I'll take the gameplay in Backbreaker any day over Madden.
shadowdancer  +   1675d ago
This game should have SHIPPED in this condition, maybe it would have sold more copies.
Queasy  +   1675d ago

But at least they didn't make users pay for all the new plays. lol
iceman06  +   1675d ago
NaturalMotion is NEW to the game....
therefor there were some things that are inherent to the football experience (subtle nuances and rules) that were missed. They had no idea that the replay was such an important feature. They had no idea that user catching on offense and defense was so important. Plus, the devs were pushing for a schedule...after missing the first release date. Corporate decisions sometimes force games out when they are not quite tweaked. As far as sales, I seriously doubt that the game would have sold tremendously because of it's lack of the NFL license. Which has been proven to be a detriment to buyers of football games in the past. Now with the update pending, several different sources to get fan-made NFL teams and rosters, and the price sitting at less than $40 now is a great time to get in. Especially for those that are disappointed in the Madden demo.
divideby0  +   1675d ago
I just didnt like the camera
DaftMav  +   1675d ago
Still great fan service, it's a huge patch. A bit sad there's still no youtube upload function though, that would have been really nice.

You can't compare it really to Madden though as they've been at it for ages, but even without the NFL license this game is amazing considering it's their first attempt. It's a taste of what could be coming in the future, and it just needs the support to continue the series.
Smootherkuzz  +   1675d ago
Bring on the Update!!!!
Will it cancel my game saves?I hope not, second season of RTBB with purchased players and strong team.Great game love it.
iceman06  +   1675d ago
THIS has to be....
Some of the greatest fan service of all times. Backbreaker, from the beginning, was extremely ambitious. Creating a football game using a realistic physics engine from a team that knew NOTHING about the sport took balls. Upon it's release, it was mediocre. BUT, the great thing about it was that it showed real potential. There were elements of greatness that showed time and time again. With that greatness, there were also glaring faults (strange penalties, strange on field rulings, strange pile up glitches, etc.). However, the fact that Todd Gibbs took the time to interact in the forums (actually responding directly to you most of the time) was just huge. This team is TRULY dedicated to their project. It was never really meant to COMPETE with Madden. It was meant as an alternative to Madden. I, for one, can see that if they can improve this much in a month...there are no limits to what can be done for the follow up game (which was announced but after sales...who knows...though Todd stands by the announcement).
EA Tiburon....THIS is how you serve your fans. The fanbase is admittedly small...but pretty intense in what they believe will make the game great. Adding replays alone will add TONS of replay value...because the hits in the game are unprecedented. Adding receiver catching and d-back catching was a bonus. Thank you NaturalMotion!!!
killyourfm  +   1675d ago
Damn, well said man. Major bubbles for you.
meshuganeh  +   1675d ago
Bravo Backbreaker Team!
I want to give Natural Motion, 505 and all the guys behind Backbreaker a hug. I didn't even realize this kind of update was possible. It sucks because they should have released the game with this update and just pushed the release up, but then they'd compete with Madden and lose sales. But by not having this update at launch, the game received bad ratings, causing sales to lag.

I hope some sites re-review Backbreaker after the update. It sounds like this will be a whole new game afterwards. I can't think of any complaints they have not addressed with this update.

Great job all of you at 505 and Natural Motion. This is how you develop a franchise. Thank you.
Psychotica  +   1674d ago
Sounds real good, I will have to start playing it again.

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