PS3 80GB sold out at Circuit City online division

Circuit City on Tues. sold out of Sony Corp.'s new 80GB Playstation 3 model at its online division,

Sony this week announced that the latest Playstation 3 revision would be available at brick and mortar retial stores begining Aug. 8.

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aiphanes3940d ago

People really want the PS3 now...nice!

ArduousAndy3940d ago

So i posted a tip about the 360 premium selling out at best buy online. And it does not get posted. Yet someone posts that the 80g version of the ps3 is sold out at circuit city's website. And it becomes news.

DJ3940d ago

just post it as your own news article. I'm sure there's a lot of users here who would approve that information.

Bill Gates3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Get over yourself and your BABOON theories. You and everyone here knows that this site is infected with XBOTS like you....AAAHAHAHHHA

Marceles3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

lol I looked at that best buy xbox sold out post and went to and it wasn't sold out at all, now i'm looking at the ps3 circuit city post and when I add it to the cart it says "notify me when available".

PS3 1 - Xbox 360 0

supnub53940d ago you were saying it was sold out, check it twice dumbass.

nasim3940d ago

already the x360 is the least selling console in NA.

plus this would crucify the X360 in NA

Anego Montoya FTMFW3940d ago

360ers have just resorted to BLAMING the SITE for ps news, instead of giving ps3 CREDIT.

it`s pretty pathetic.

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madness3940d ago

who knows how much they had in stock

Shadow Flare3940d ago

well, considering this is the ONLINE store that got sold out, id suggest they had more than 3 units in stock

madness3940d ago

How exactly does my 1st reply deserved that? All I was saying was for people to be careful about creaming their pants too quickly.

Odion3940d ago

and yet its 164 on the selling list on Amazon

lVlemphizStylez3940d ago

Since you got the Amazon stats (I'd assume since you're shouting placement)...Where is the 360?? and the 60gb Model?? Just curious

trane073940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

WTH did amazon have to do with this Odion? nevermind. The concept of reading between the lines is not foreign to me at all. It is quite clear what your post insinuated. *eye roll*

Panthers3940d ago

The 60gb PS3 is at #5 and the 20gb Xbox is at #42. That was the first one I saw on the list.

Greysturm3940d ago

And to think the xbox360 just had a pricecut, i remember when the ps3 had a pricecut it went to number 1 a short time after. But then its amazon right it doesnt measure anything...

s8anicslayer3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

i remember xbots calling the sony price drop the clearance, and yet they basically were selling out, now ms dropped the price of all 360 sku's by $50 if i can renenber correctly, now what do we call this ms pricedrop? "the big going out of business sale"lmao. anyways good sign of demand for the extra packaged ps3

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Premonition3940d ago

The reason is low on amazon because people think the 60gig is still the better deal, but its good that sony has 2 types of packages for different people, what 60 gig cant make up on in sales 80gig might cover.

Panthers3940d ago

Well thats cool. I thought no one would buy it. It just doenst seem like a good deal at all. No appeal to me. I hope they release a 399 40gb version later. That would sell like crazy.

Premonition3940d ago

Socom+399 40gig= Crazy sales :)

EZCheez3940d ago

That's really the only problem most people have with the PS3. I wish Sony could just bite the bullet and realize that if they lowered the price of the console they could possibly make it back in software sales. $400 would be a sweet spot for a PS3.

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