Stranglehold require 15gig's of hard drive space to run on PC , region free on 360

Few updates to John Woo directed action blockbuster game, Stranglehold. According the official Midway forums, the game will also be region free for the Xbox 360 version. Furthermore, they have officially unveiled the PC system requirements for the game.

The game will require at least 15 gigs of hard drive space, 2 gigs of ram and a Nvidia 7800 or higher / ATI x1300 or higher graphics card.

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TriggerHappy3915d ago

This is not the game for me then, 15 gigs ? that's insane an I was really looking forward to this.

Real Gambler3915d ago

The core doesn't even have a hard drive.
Both consoles have only a quarter of the memory requirement for the pc.
7800,1300 graphic card for the pc.

Yet the game will run on both consoles.

Give them all the room in the world, devs will take it. But they can still come out with awesome games on 7 years old consoles, even if hardware of those consoles is ridiculous when you see what they need today on a pc.

VirusE3914d ago

True but when i am running it on my pc it will be at 1920x1200 with way more than 2x AA and anisotropic filtering cranked up to the max.

power of Green 3915d ago

No way!, I'm not buying this game because it seems like it sucks.

AngryHippo3915d ago

What makes you think that this game sucks?!not trying to start an argument, just wanted to know your reasons for saying that?!i personally have not been that interested in it but it could be a good game, think its more of a wait and see with this game though, see the scores and whether or not its a worthy purchase!

power of Green 3915d ago

When watching the video I downloaded the game seems like it sucks lol. What sucks to me can be different for you. DO you understand?.

peksi3914d ago

Sorry if I'm being impolite but that sounds like damage control to me.

LiquifiedArt3914d ago

Thats is the perfect example of what an XBox fan is. And with that attitude, that is the reason i'll never own one. Xbox is filled with these types of people..

PSN FTW!! Been a Fan since PS1 and will continue with the better company. SONY !

Danielson3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

Yeah it looks stupid, i thought it looked cool at first but now there are way better games coming then this
Thats just my opinion though, not my kind of game i guess

Skizelli3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

There's idiocy on both sides. Your post is a "perfect example." In my experience, the gamers on PSN aren't so different from 360's. The only difference is the communication is better on the 360 which brings more idiots into the limelight. I've played against a lot of poor sports on 360, many of which will give you negative feedback just because they can't take a loss. Fight Night for PS3 is a good example of how the players are alike for both factions. 99% of Fight Night players on PSN will look at your career and deny your challenge if your rank is too high. Why is that? It's quite hilarious, actually. Sounds like chicken sh!t players that want a sure win to me. These "attitudes" are not limited to 360 gamers, as all the snooty remarks by Sony cheerleaders below clearly proves.

CRIMS0N_W0LF3914d ago

green is pissed off because next gen games are proving to need more then 9 GB of Space :P

uxo223914d ago

Don't try to blam POG for why you will never own an xbox, you will never own an xbox because you are a "to the death" Sony Fanboy. It's nothing to be ashamed of, just admit it. There are outspoken people that use both consoles. Just like you say "Xbox is filled with these types of people.." There are plenty of the same type of people on all consoles and all walks of live.

I think it's kinda chicken sh!t to try and blame it on a type of person, besides, you'll be playing the console in the comforts of your own home, and if you run into an aggressive person in LIVE you can always leave the game an move on. That was a pretty lame excuse for not owning a 360. You probably shouldn't eat pizza either cause there are plenty of A$$holes out there that eat pizza. Give me a break!

Nemesis3914d ago

I think you'll find it's the other way round, with most of the mindless morons on this site being PS3 fanboys. Funny how Xbox gets all the adult RPG and strategy titles while the PS3 gets mindless button mashers don't you think? I wonder why that is.

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Bazookajoe_833915d ago

Thats alot, i wonder how they have done it on the 360?

omansteveo3915d ago

Compression. its 15 gigs once its uncompressed after installing it on your PC

God of Gaming3915d ago

Like the person above me said... this is UNCOMPRESSED....

KingME3914d ago

They are not trying to product it at "1920x1200 with way more than 2x AA and anisotropic filtering cranked up to the max"

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WaggleLOL3915d ago

And the Dreamcast 360 with its smaller than last gen 7 gig DVD drive and no standard harddrive keeps becoming more of a joke every day.

Microsoft, gimping next gen for gamers everywhere.

T-Virus3915d ago

Gimping humanity everywhere.

achira3915d ago

perhaps the xbox360 version is dumbed down. the texture will be more compressed and will have lower resolution, in this way they can save place.

ParaDise_LosT3915d ago

Sir, You just earned a life time supply of bubbles.

TheExecutive3915d ago

waggle... waggle... waggle... its time to ignore you. I anyone else is smart they would do the same.

omansteveo3915d ago

Hey Genius some DVDs can hold 9 gigs hence the name DVD9...look it up

WaggleLOL3915d ago

"Hey Genius some DVDs can hold 9 gigs hence the name DVD9...look it up"

Heh, he doesn't even know that the 360 wastes over a gig per disc gimping disc sizes on the 360 down to around 7 gigs.

InMyOpinion3914d ago

It's still coming out sooner on the 360. What's the name of that next gen console that get all the titles later than the 360? Oh right, the PS3. Who's gimped now?

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Genki3915d ago

For 30 million dollars, 2 gigs RAM, and 15 gigs of memory, this doesn't(ironically) seem like a whole lotta game...I certainly hope it's good, as I'd like to play a decent third person action title this year.

Maybe I should wait for S.O.C.O.M.?