Resolution: Castlevania: Harmony of Despair review

Resolution's Mike Rose writes: The Xbox Live Summer of Arcade chugs along this week with the next Castlevania title, Harmony of Despair, or HD as it’s shortened to (see what they did there?). Mixing retro stylings with more up-to-date visuals, the game provides single and multiplayer castle crawling with lots to see and huge boss fights to partake in.

Some unique and quite intriguing ideas are thrown into the mix this time around, providing both veteran Castlevanians and newcomers with challenging gameplay and a lovely online co-op mode. Yet while it all sounds so promising, Harmony of Despair proves to be an exercise in frustration and unfair balancing. It was always going to be a difficult game and not for the faint hearted. Unfortunately with the challenge ramped up, the fun fades away into oblivion.

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Folezicle2937d ago

It is a shame that developers now concentrate on co-op and forget people that don't play online, and pretty much every that buys this game will have Live since it is the only way to buy this game. I think Meh, I'll see more reviews, especially if he is marking this down because of its difficulty..

STGuy10402937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

The game is very challenging in single-player, but isn't that the beauty of Castlevania to begin with? It took multiple tries to destroy the boss on the first level, but the trek there wasn't over-the-top difficult; it's no harder than SOTN. I'd say the boss encounters are ramped up and sometimes seem close to impossible to defeat, but otherwise, some of these reviews are hardly giving the game a chance. There is no 'easy button' in this game.

dizzleK2937d ago

i'm sure i'm in the minority but i am so tired of online/multiplayer titles. i think they're completely played out. learn to play games by yourself for crying out loud.

Active Reload2937d ago

The game is hard? Gamers these days, lol. This review shouldn't even count...seriously.

D812937d ago

Played it? Because for serious, it's one of the most extraordinarily, obstinately, obscenely and ridiculously difficult games I've ever played. There's a fine line between challenging and fundamentally unfair.

Rybakov2937d ago

good that is how games should be

D812937d ago

I'm sure there are some people who delight in playing the same section of the same level over and over again for several hours on end. I wish those people the very best in life.

beans2937d ago

So are you giving it this review because of saves points and single player difficulty? Does it feel like Symphony of the Night? How long does it take to beat? and should I expect another stellar sound track?

D812937d ago

Um. I had nothing to do with this review.

But in answer to your questions: Not really, too bloody long, and yeah, to be fair.

Rybakov2937d ago


challenge experience and story is what makes games playable

demon souls was a great game because of how challenging it was
and its castlevania so you should expect unforgiving challenges to begin with

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Rybakov2937d ago

the more difficult and more i am challenged to complete something the better

Baka-akaB2937d ago

That's castlevania sum it up perfectly in its title : despair .

Despair at the sigh of a big gaming corporation with so many funds , pumping up yet another snes/ds looks based castlevania . In an era of muramasa on wii , blazblue , sf2 hd , the upcoming contra game , many good looking 2d indie games , kof xii/xiii ..... how you can you still go that far backward in graphics ?

Often capcom , seega and namco are mentioned as company fallen from grace and mecanically throwing titles .... but the worse one seems to me to be Konami .
They dont even use their properties , besides constantly kojima studio stuff and pes , and dont do them justice .

Despair again , at the sight of the gameplay compromised so much for a cheap co-op ..

Yes that game is very harmonious in the despair it provides

Baka-akaB2937d ago (Edited 2937d ago )

Out of curiosity .. what is even truely disagreed upon ? That Konami could instead provide a 2d in great hd quality or a realisation at least up to Shadow complex's level ?

Cause they definitively could , but get away with milking the iconic SOTN and titles title look . Along with new and good gameplay mechanics .

FYI i'm still buying it , but mostly feel like an hostage , aka if those games dont sell , konami will simply let castlevania take dust for decades .
The only castlevania i absolutely refused to buy and support , was the dreadful Judgement fighting game on wii .

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