EA Unveils C&C3 Battlecast Primetime Webshow

A few week's ago the ladies and fellas over at Electronic Arts started hinting at a mystery announcement coming in August. The date for C&C3 to be "revolutionized" has come, so what's the big news? Most people expected an expansion or surprise patch release, but instead it's a brand new online show about Command & Conquer 3.

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TnS3968d ago

Agreed. Revolution means much more in my dictionary. :)

Shaka2K63968d ago

I love Command & Conquer 3 and this looks really cool.

Daxx3968d ago

Now why didn't they do this around the release of C&C3? But anyways, I'm not a hardcore C&C fan so I don't know if the fans were waiting for this or not.

It's a really good game but I'd rather play it than watch it. But like I said before that's just me because I'm not a hardcore fan.

I know that Jeremy will be happy.

Cosmo3968d ago

I have a life....give that a miss