The Milk Ultra-Limited Edition Xbox 360 Elite

The recommended gift for your first anniversary is paper, no? If Kotaku's right on that, then the sixth anniversary is clearly an Xbox 360, as Hong Kong magazine MILK is celebrating its sixth year of publication with this very handsome limited edition Xbox 360 Elite, complete with subtle MILK branding. How limited? There are two.

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Rhezin3913d ago

why only two that's just stupid, why show us this and make us want what we can't have.

Lakuspakus3913d ago

That os looking N-I-C-E !!

Kuest3913d ago

I have to admit that this model is sorta impressive. Nice, sleek design. Don't know but, if all my funds are in good shape, this could be a buy.

RyuCloudStrife3913d ago

wow just imagine me with this Xbox and all my friends HATIN'!!!!!

Frances-the-Mute3913d ago

i want one to show it off :p but i wonder, if anything happens to it, how will they replace it? :(

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The story is too old to be commented.