New Halo 3 Scans - Character Customization, New Vehicles including Brute Chopper and more

New acquired Halo 3 scans featuring character cutomizations, new vehicles and planes including: Brute chopper, Elephant, Guardian, Hornet, Prowler and some new screens. Scans after the jump.

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Sangheili853943d ago

I love how taking pictures with you're camera is now considered Scans...what ever happened to the good old day when people acutally Scanned things and they looked good..

RBlaze3943d ago

You're right! I only just noticed that after you said. Theres been so many 'scans' recently that have just been photos of pages!Its annoying coz you always get a big flash line up the middle, and the quality is almost always bad! Good spot, bubble for you!

Besides that tho. That White spartan on 'scan' 3 looks so cool. Geez why do we have to wait for this game! I want it now!

TriggerHappy3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

But camera scans are better than no scans at all.

EDIT: Any one else seen the water in Halo 3 vid ? that looks really good. wow.

nasim3943d ago

is this even a next gen game.

a cartoon halo in the era of phototrealism by LAIR and CRYSIS

Al3943d ago

i will not buy a PS 3, so why not comment somewhere else. "get out slut..."

Gamingisfornerds3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I too think Halo 3 is visually underwhelming, but please do not make yourself look silly and call a game like Lair photorealistic. Or suggest it's even close to being in the same league as Crysis.
Crysis is still leaps and bounds away from photorealism even though it's the closest thing out there.

Either way, I've just seen your post history so I'll just ignore you from now on and report you as an offensive idiot. Laters!

radzy3943d ago

what , that 5/10 choppy shltty animation lair.
crysis looks sick , but if ps3 cant pull off madden 08 with 60 fps , then i highly doubt it will do crysis more than 15fps.

ParaDise_LosT3943d ago

I suppose Jak&Daxter,Ratchet&Cla nk,Uncharter,FF XIII,and Folklore
are all crap too because they use the 'Cartoony' style huh?
fing moron... -.-

ben hates you3943d ago

what kind of cartoons are you watching?

True Gamer King3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

You are a complete idiot. All you ever do is talk crap about the 360, and everything you say is wrong and stupid; and all you ever get is bad feedback. So shut the hell up and get out of here you piece sh1t Sony fanboy. And by saying Halo looks like a cartoon is redicules. Halo looks nothing like a cartoon and Halo 3 looks great. So stop talking trash just because your jelious of Halo 3 and all the other great games coming out for the 360.

So shut the hell up untill your ready to admit that halo is great and looks nothing like a cartoon.

And how does he still have bubbles everyone take them away already plz.

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Al3943d ago

you know what's up. Those scans, on the other hand, suck a$$. Master chief deserves better.

Gamingisfornerds3943d ago

Not that I don't appreciate the efforts this guy has taken, but some proper scans would be better obviously. ;)

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The story is too old to be commented.