Former Saints Row devs launch new studio

Three former members of developer Volition have announced a new studio, Blazing Lizard.

The start-up is currently working on original downloadable IP for next-gen home consoles, with more details due to be unveiled on August 13.

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Azures3821d ago

Saints Row, from the people who wish they would've brought you GTA

Figboy3821d ago

i can't wait to see the *NEXT franchise they blatantly rip off! *rolls eyes*

Gamingisfornerds3821d ago (Edited 3821d ago )

So that means I might get to play another game that completely lacks any sense of imagination, humour and polish!

Can't wait! [/sarcasm]

Saint's Row is the most pathetic, buggy and effortless game I've ever witnessed in my life and I hope developpers like these vanish of this planet and never return.

Unless they return as 4400's with some proper developing abilities. ;)

alexander22rednaxela3821d ago

Saints Row is still the best next-gen free-roaming gangsta game.

Azures3821d ago

Which is sadly not saying much. I believe the sheer concept of GTA4 is more entertaining than Saint's Row.

ben hates you3821d ago

it was still fun to play, i liked the gang style of the game, i met one of the artist wife who worked on the first, good people