Xbox's lack of Blu-ray a 'problem' for developers

The developer of the gorgeous-looking Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow has called on Microsoft to help developers overcome Xbox 360's "storage problem".

The 360 version of LOS will ship on two DVD discs when it is released later this year - but the PS3 version will arrive on a single Blu-ray.

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saint_john_paul_ii2665d ago

hasnt this been obvious already?

i thought people have already realized that....

MorganX2665d ago

No, because no one has really exploited the weakness. It appears now may be the end of the line and lack of next gen storage may begin to hurt MS. Will be interesting if the new 360S can play games from a Blu-ray external. Wonder what HDMI chip it's using??

If they can't, they'd better be making plans to move to the next gen by 2012.

Cold 20002665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I just got the Orange Box 2 days ago for the first time. I've never played HL2 & Portal so I wanted to give it a try. I got the package for 8€.

I was expecting to get several discs and couldnt believe that they were able to pack Half Life 2, Episode 1, Episode 2, Portal and Team Fortress in ONE single DVD.

Now I'm not saying Blu Ray isnt needed. But how is it that Valve can Pack all those games, that to this day still look good and that are masterpieces on one DVD when other devs have storage problems.

Anyways MS should just drop the royalties for extra discs and thats it.

Archdemon2665d ago

The xbox360 could have been superior to the PS3 with a blueray drive.

Too bad MS.

DelbertGrady2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

It didn't prevent developers such as Rockstar and Bethesda from creating some of the biggest games this gen with Red Dead Redemption, and Fallout 3. Each on 1 DVD.

If it's packed with pre-rendered cut-scenes I can see a problem though.

Rot_in_Fail2665d ago

what about that hddvd drive lulz

Faztkiller2665d ago

That's true but both those game Reuse stuff over and over again and the environments weren't very varied

jerethdagryphon2665d ago


simply because the engine behind it and all the file formats is the same

a few cabinet files of textures per game and scripting and such each games files is probobly compressed to 2 gig or less

vsr2665d ago

People should understand the gaming experts comments.

secksi-killer2665d ago

but i think that they (MS) will just f"*k it, and start telling devs to make games on two discs, but give people with HDD the choice of installing one disk, and just playing with second disc.

not an ideal solution, but something that i think is incoming.... GTA5 being the first game to do this me thinks

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ingiomar2665d ago

i dont think its a problem for the developers its more like an inconvenience

fossilfern2665d ago

I know its been pretty much obvious from the start of the generation. MS charge extra for more than 1 disc and each 360 game is only allocated about 6.9GB ? i have nothing on the hard drive that has been more than 6.9GB and it is a set back, heres a link for GTA4 and R* openly saying DVD and the 360 not having a hard drive in each system is a problem:


iPad2665d ago

If the PS3 was the lead console to program since 2006, I don't think the 360 would be here today. All those years mastering the Cell and using the capacity of the Blu Ray disk. The muliplatform games would be sooooooo much better!!

TheFreak2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

man they made a mistake there. Currently playing trough mass effect 2 and it is annoying swapping discs. Man I wish mass effect was released on the ps3 also

Edit: He revealed that the first LOS Xbox disc will offer an install option on the in-game menu, allowing gamers to play the full title off the second disc.

Is this possible with mass effect?

talltony2665d ago

The hard drive in every ps3 is a bigger advantage than bluray. The 360 cant ever depend on a hard drive for anything because not all 360's have one.

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Faztkiller2665d ago

Sucks DVD is giving dev's headaches MS need to do something about the problem

Folezicle2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Don't call me a fan-boy for backing microsoft, but the blu-ray issue has only been mentioned as an issue for one developer. A lot of developers keen to use the blu-ray to their advantage just make exclusives (E.g. Rockstar making agent. Although arguably both Sony and Microsoft would pay these companies to make exclusives) However the title is mis-leading as so far there has been one developer that has stated this, instead of millions of developers. This 'issue' may become more apparent in the future, as the technology advantages, and I imagine there will be an external blu-ray player or some other technology released to combat the issue. However in the current day there has been no issues with the DVD disc size, as there hasn't been an xbox 360 game (If there has been any it would be few) that have needed two discs. Although I kind of agree with this guys predictions, you can't take it like he knows the future..

So to answer your question, "no it isn't giving many developers head aches, for now. However times are changing and we are seeing more games being developed on the PS3 first than the 360 (just like this one), which could become an issue for the Xbox. However there is no need for Microsoft to waste their money on it as there hasn't been complaints from majority of the developers and stacks of games packed with multiple discs.."

My bad there has been two complaint Kojima and the guys from Bungie:

ZombieAutopsy2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I think SE stated that DVD holds them back too, but i just woke up and too lazy to search.

webeblazing2665d ago

environment copy and paste thats what you always see with them thats why no problems.

dosgrtr2665d ago

previous post but yeah add square enix too:

Folezicle2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

The GTA article is extremely old, meaning it is really irrelevant as back then there was different circumstances.. Yes maybe one developer had issues however back then, alot of developers didn't know how to work with Blu-Ray and few needed to actually use blu-ray however you can add Capcom to the list. Although Capcom could be putting the blame on Microsoft for such a crap game.

Edit: Yep Final Fantasy is another you can add to the list, however once again they game didn't do too well in review so once again they could be putting the blame on Microsoft (however unlike Lost Planet 2 I think this is unlikely)... However I still reckon Microsoft have no reason to go and add a Blu-Ray player just yet. Hopefully by the end of the year as the list will increase. But to release it now would piss off a lot of people who just bought the new Xbox 360S. So what can we do?

40cal2665d ago

The team working on PGR4 said they had to cut content due to the lack of space on a DVD.

This has been an issue for a few years now.

Folezicle2665d ago

Instead of disagreeing with me listen to what I say. The blu-ray player isn't coming anytime soon.. Simply because people would be pissed off after just buying the new 360 to go buy a new accessory.. Although there seems to be more developer complaining about the limitation in 2010 (Previous years a lot of the complaints have been one off issues), not the majority and in particular companies that sell well on the Xbox such as Ubisoft and Activision. Thats not to say I don't want one, and the Xbox is perfect as it is, but more that blu-ray discs aren't an essential for all the major game companies for developing at this current day. However in the future games might follow a similar trend to Castlevania (in which it can only be fit on Blu-ray through one disc) in which Microsoft will need to use Blu-rays or some alternative technology to create core games.

Honestly to get agrees do I have to praise Sony for using Blu-rays..

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Optical_Matrix2665d ago

But I thought Blu-Ray wasn't needed?

dirthurts2665d ago

As multiple disks are an option. Extra storage is more of a luxury. I've dealt with multiple disks for pc gaming for years. I've never minded. Just install and move on. People really try to make it into more of a problem than it is. Just use more disks.

Yostoner2665d ago

yea you baicly said it, you install the game and move on, that doesnt work with 360, in 360 you have to switch disks all the time, in pc you dont even need the cd to play, you can just use cracks.

ZombieAutopsy2665d ago

True it's not needed, but for every disc thats more money a dev has to pay royalties for. For the gamer yea it's no problem because i too install all my games but this is about devs.

maxcer2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

@4.1.1 here's the quote from the article because you obviously didn't read it

"He revealed that the first LOS Xbox disc will offer an install option on the in-game menu, allowing gamers to play the full title off the second disc."

Skadoosh2665d ago

Mass Effect 2 had 2 discs and I had to swap it 2-3 times in 60 hours of game play. What's the problem? :/

BornToKill2665d ago

you having to swap discs.

pustulio2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Changing Disks is not the problem is the money Dev needs to create a 2-3 Disk game, also Blu-Ray is so but SO much powerful it has way too much memory to play with it's Devs wet dream.

Imagine what Bungie could have done with a Blu-Ray probably a game of UC2 or Gow3 caliber or less but still it could have been a LONG LONG campaing, bigger or more maps, even more stuff to play in Forge, etc...

But no MS used DVD format now games need to get cut, like Halo, Lost Planet, GTA, etc...


JakemanPS319942665d ago

its not the disk switching i think. i think its not letting them have the best looking picture and if something takes like around 40 gb that would be 3 disks and dosnt microsoft make devs pay extra for 3 disks?

Wizziokid2665d ago

I agree swapping disks isn't a problem, it's just being lazy if you can't be bothered and in some respects it's a good thing as it can indicate a break from the game but still it would be better just to have a single disk.

sackgirl2665d ago

Yes we all know.

- Xbox gamers are not lazy, they love standing up in the middle of the game to change disc.
- They love to pay for online play, because they can afford it.
- They have no problem with RRoD, because Microsoft gives a 3 year warranty.
- etc.

jaytv-pyro2665d ago

so they like it when M$ rapes them ???

saint_john_paul_ii2665d ago

multiple discs= more royalty fees to Microsoft.

not every dev has the money to pull that off...

maxcer2665d ago

im pretty sure the publishers pay disc royalties

webeblazing2665d ago

yea so do they change the design if of the game if they cant?

Skadoosh2665d ago

Born to Kill, you have a problem swapping discs? Does that mean you always have the same disc in your ps3? What do you do when you want to see a bluray movie?

Yeah more discs might mean more money to Microsoft but that's not what this article is about. It's about storage which can easily be remedied with an extra disc. And like I said in my previous post, Mass Effect 2 has 2 discs and only a couple of disc changes in 60 hours of game play. Their is no problem.

Like the article said...

"I mean, each console has it's own issues [360's smaller disc capacity and PS3's slower loading times], but you have to work around them."

WoshJills2665d ago

The problem is that they have to compress all their files for it to work. Meaning they have to put less into a game.
Meaning DVDs restrict developers.

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