Top 10 Worst Video Game to Movie Adaptations

Here is a list of the Top 10 Worst Video Game to Movie Adaptations. The writer does a great job of describing each game and why the movie made the list. There is also great in-depth analysis on some of the higher ranking movies. There is always room for debate with these kinds of lists, and the writer even asks people to state their opinions on it.

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Depressed Mode3946d ago

How did Street Fighter not make the list?

johnnywit3946d ago

You are right. Street Fighter is by far the worst. I think that was there intentions the whole time filming that movie.

syko883946d ago

Street fighter was nearly as bad as the top three on the list, i'd give street fighter like the #11 on the list. Atleast it accurately depicted the characters even though they just turned it into a live-action cartoon. i think its a pretty accurate list.

CadDad3946d ago

The very first thing I thought of when I read the article title was Street Fighter. Very sad it's crapiness was over-looked.

Marona3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I want to know how DoA didn't make it there..... I couldn't continue watching it after 5 minutes...

I actually like the RE films, their not great but not bad either. Now Final Fantasy... well it's not FF at all, but I liked it.

Never seen Bloodrayne/House of the Dead/Alone in the Dark/Doom/Double Dragon. Even though it was horrible..... I actually liked the Mario film. xD MK2 sucked badly.

Depressed Mode3946d ago

I enjoyed the RE movies as well. I also didnt think Tomb Raider was all that bad. However, do your self a favor and never ever watch House of the Dead. It kills brain cells, much like SF.

Marona3946d ago

Depressed Mode @
Woops, I also forgot to say Tomb Raider lol.. I liked the first one best, the sequels didn't come out as great as I though it would. I haven't watched Street Fighters o_o;... so I don't really know how that is xD .....

Thanks for the warning, now I really don't want to bother if it's something like Dead or Alive... seriously... what the ****... I want to know the people who can actual finish the movie, first movie to even bored me in the first couple of minutes and not a little of amazement.

tranx902103946d ago

Hey man that's a pretty good list thanks!

VirusE3946d ago

House of the dead was so bad that they no BS blew the front door off of the house of the dead twice. No joke, they blew the f-ing door off twice. These kids went to an island with the worlds biggest rave and no bs the dance floor was a 10x10 square with like 4 people on it. They found guns in the woods and learned matrix powers with no explanation and when they killed people they had a rap-metal "killin in the house of the dead" song playing in the background. I would honestly recommend watching it for the sheer humor of the movie.

supnub53946d ago

Super Mario Bros., that's the game that can't be translated to movie.

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