Left 4 Dead QuakeCon 07 City Streets Rampage Cam Gameplay

Stay together and always keep a watchful eye at the rear, or the zombie hordes are sure to rip you apart.

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AngryHippo3783d ago

This game looks soooo freaking cool. I love zombies....looks like it could be pretty damn scary too, i hope it turns out really good as a finished product and doesnt become a let down, i am definately keeping a close eye on this one.

razer3783d ago

I agree with you, this game looks to be full of zombie killing good times.

Rhezin3783d ago

this game is gonna be soooo fun with a bunch of people over, I hope you can play player co-op through live and just regular.

i rule3783d ago

better then killing multiple zombies.. it has to be the most fun thing to do in video games

Eric93583783d ago

this is going to rock halo 3 and left 4 dead my most anticipated game

(forgot cod4)