First Boogie Review: 4 out of 5 from GamePro

Get our your dancing shoes and warm up your throat: Boogie for the Wii is finally here and it rocks!

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texism3910d ago

hmm. I honestly thought this would suck

ItsDubC3910d ago

Same here. But of course the fact that it doesn't suck doesn't necessarily mean I will like the game. I'll remain open-minded until I actually play it.

Odiah3910d ago

"Warm up your throat" With what exactly o_O

I'm so childish :(

Syko3910d ago

I saw the commercial on TV and me and my wife were cracking up. It has cool visuals but I was skeptical on the gameplay. Good to see it is well recieved because EA has their hand in RockBand and I was worried about that. Gonna have to check this one out, Don't know about the singing though =/

MK_Red3910d ago

Wow, I was expecting low %50 scores (2/5 or 4/10). Could this be the fact that its an exclusvie early review or the game is that good? The videos and trailer of Boogie don't get me excited but hey, even I was excited and all scores were good, I'd still need the Wii to play it.

djt233910d ago

wow i was expecting 7.1 mabe 7.5
i want to see Ign or gamespot review wow....

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