Ken Levine on BioShock Winning the Game Critics Award

Level Up: What was your reaction to winning Best Action/Adventure game?

Ken Levine: We've always won a ton of E3 awards for BioShock from the press, but we never picked up a judges' award before. So it was really gratifying.

LU: BioShock has already gone gold. How have you celebrated this milestone in the past, and how did you celebrate this milestone for BioShock?

KL: We just had a team party in Boston, and then we have a event on the launch night on August 20th, which we're inviting lots of people to, including members of the BioShock fan community. I'm actually looking forward to that, because launches are usually such abstract things. You wake up launch morning and it's like, "Hey, our game has, umm, shipped to retail!" It's not exactly like headlining at Madison Square Garden.

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RadientFlux3911d ago

All well deserved if this game is anything close to the same level as the original System Shock.

Al3911d ago

But you do have to admit that the game has some serious RPG, and exploration themes going on. Its not just stop and pop

MK_Red3911d ago

I love Levine's work from System Shock to Tribes:W. Bioshock is a serious contender for GOTY and hopefully if it sells enough, we can see a full System Shock 3 (Although this is nothing short of that game in terms of quality and atmosphere).

Al3911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

than, yeah, Bioshock, would be GOTY. But thats just me, Bioshock may end up revolutionizing the FPS genre (flaming hats? physcic powers?)


Well, if Bioshock is succesful than other developers will TAKE notice and emulate certain aspects of the game. So, in that sense, Bioshock will end up revolutionizing the FPS genre.

"Most of the things (if not all) of what the (uninformed) people claim Bioshock will be revolutionizing was already done by the SAME team with System Shock 2"- what about those physcic powers? How bout the creepy new AI mechanics in the game. And How bout that million dollar story that takes place in the midst of a near-sandbox enviornment. Was that also in System Shock- link?

Charlie26883911d ago (Edited 3911d ago )

I fail to see how "Bioshock may end up revolutionizing the FPS genre"

Most of the things (if not all) of what the (uninformed) people claim Bioshock will be revolutionizing was already done by the SAME team with System Shock 2 back in 1999 and some others back in 1994 with the first System Shock...most developers simply have ignored most of these "advancements" for almost a decade...and I bet they will continue to do it

Edit: dude have you played System Shock 2? if you have you shouldn't be asking some of those question (ex System Shock 2 had 34 different physcic powers)

In the field of devs, devs are simply lazy for example after System Shock 2 was released and won multiple awards including multiple Game of the Year you would expect to see devs taking notice and emulate it, but they simply didn't the only one that bothered to it was Ion Storm with Deus Ex in 2000 but after that devs simply forgot

Kuest3911d ago

but come on! Saying that Bioshock is bringing nothing new to the table sounds a little unfair. Al does mention the enemy AI and I should point out that there is crazy interactivity with the player and the enviornment. The game is pretty innovative in that sense (not exactly revolutionary though)

Charlie26883911d ago

[email protected] I am not saying that is not bringing anything new to the table (for example the Big Daddy, little sisters mechanics is completely new), I am just pointing out the fact that what many people think that is like "super new and revolutionary" was already done by them in 1999 and surprisingly enough other developers never really cared

by the way the "crazy interactivity" was also on SS2 remember how you could pick up almost everything, you could even find a handheld device similar to a GBA and find games to play in it, remember the basketball court?

and just in case

ALIEN3911d ago

This game looks hot. Im getting this game.

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