New Xbox 360 Revelations at Famitsu Anniversary Event

Andriasang: 5pb. CEO shares shooter plans. Cave dev chief shares adventure game plans. Microsoft higher-up shares TGS plans.

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30sec2688d ago

Kinect + TGS = More Fail Videos

ClownBelt2687d ago

Oh but this time it will be pre-recorded videos.

Optical_Matrix2687d ago

Lol looking forward to finally trying Kinect for myself first hand when I attend TGS this year. Should be interesting to say the least XD I wonder what games we'll be shown.

Wizziokid2687d ago

Kinect = Boring news now, I want to hear more about Gears and Killzone 3

Folezicle2687d ago

Sadly news for games don't actually get posted on this site. A lot of it seems to be lists or articles bashing a console.

ranmafandude2687d ago

do they want to japan to hate the xbox 360 even more.

Counter Strike2687d ago

they know what they are doing i think TGS will be huge for MS.

30sec2687d ago

hate ?? lool stupid fanboys
they know what they are doing i think E3 2010 will be huge for MS.


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