Free Radicals Talk Timesplitters 4

Kotaku spoke with Free Radical's script writer Rob Yescombe earlier today, he reitariated that Free Radical is, indeed, hard at work on Timesplitters 4.

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Bathyj3970d ago

This will be PS3 exclusive for sure. Expect the best map editor and multiplayer options ever.

Vip3r3970d ago

It it does become a PS3 exclusive what an exclusive for Sony to have. The TS series along with UT are some of the best FPS out there.

MK_Red3970d ago

OMG, I can't wait to play this game. Timesplitters 3 FP was one of my all time favorite FPS games and one with an incredibally good story and characters.

CAPS LOCK3970d ago

Timespliters 2 was the best co-op game i played in years, I loved doing co-op multi-player and up to 4 players co-op using 4 controllers on ps2 and doing missions was so awesome. I loved the game because it was just pure fun and the modes like virus had extreme replay values, i also enjoyed the detailed map editor, i hope all the modes are implemented in this game, can't wait forget all the serious fps, this game was pure fun!

Frances-the-Mute3970d ago

i really do hope it winds up one the ps3, one of the most enjoyable FPS games on the PS2, love the multipayer... i wonder how many characters will they have? 250+ lol

The Snake3970d ago

Now this is what I've been waiting to hear. I'll buy it on 360 if it releases on that console, just because a large amount of my XBL friends list is made up of people I played Future Perfect with on XBL. Of course, if it is PS3 exclusive, this will be one of the few FPS I'll buy for mine.

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