The Plague That Is Xbox Live

BMC: It's been five years since the Xbox 360 became the first console to arrive on the next-gen battlefield. From day one it has been the go-to machine for a generation of gamers. Even with all it's success, Microsoft's juggernaut has had to deal with more diversity than either of its next-gen counterparts.

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PaPa-Slam2668d ago

Nice Article, there is no denying that Xbox Live is the best experience around, but GOD those 10 Years Old are mean.

RockmanII72667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

"If Chappelle had chosen to visit the infamous imageboard, 4chan, during his time at the internet, it would have looked as disturbing as XBL sounds."

NO-O-O-O. Has this guy ever been on 4chan? Don't go their. 9 year old hookers, people laughing at mutilated bodys, and people having the ability to find out who you are, where you live, and much more isn't XBL. RULE 34/63! How is that even comparable to XBL?

Conloles2667d ago Show
Active Reload2667d ago

I honestly don't see how people are complaining. There has been a solution beyond muting for the past 2 years, its called Party Chat. I don't hear anything I don't want to because I game with friends inside a communication pool that is blocked from everyone else. Everyone has this option on the 360 and they should use it. Its a mighty bullet point for that console's features.

Calm Down Sunshine2667d ago

4chan isn't even close to being that fantastic anymore.

karl2667d ago


OMG dude hahah

u are the most unhappy guy on this site... even the rest of the troll have some fun

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Yi-Long2667d ago

... so I have no problem with annoying brats singing a whole game, or shouting, or whatever. Just nice peace and quiet...

... even the voice-messages people occasionally send me, are muted. It's great.

Sez 2667d ago

I do the samething. But most of the time I host games and boot the annoying kids out of the room and block them so me and other can enjoy the games. If it really becomes a problem I report them. Problem solved atleast for me

DelbertGrady2668d ago

"An hour spent playing Xbox Live can leave even the most tolerant and open-minded person feeling dirtier than they ever have before. The headset that comes with many 360’s morphs into some sort of ear raping device the instant you enter the pre-game lobby. Gamers on XBL have taken shit-talking to an all new level, and the things people are comfortable saying anonymously to complete strangers is terrifying. Racial slurs and homophobic epithets assault the ears at a blistering pace."

Don't you think you are stereotyping the Xbox Live player just a tad bit too much? Are you saying that if I go online on a PC game or PSN people will act completely different? You don't even mention what games you were playing while encountering all these 10-year old nazis you speak about.

I've probably put in around 70 hours of online gaming in Battlefield: BC 2 and I've played my fair share of RDR online as well. On Xbox Live. Two games from different genres. Both with big install bases. Not once have I heard any racist comments being spouted.

PaPa-Slam2668d ago

I don't think anyone is calling all the Xbox Live players 10 years old or saying that the majority of the players are 10 years old.

shoddy2667d ago

so they go with cheaper console. Especially when the ps3 was $700.
minimum wage can't get yoiu that. After then the hype come in.

Kids, they love to follow hype.

Double Toasted2667d ago

If they were following hype they would've asked for a PS3 when it came out. The PS3 got bashed during launch for good reasons. Consider those kids you're talking about as being well informed.

I had a PS3 first in Dec '06 and there wasn't anything going for except Blu-ray...fact. Deny that and you're obviously well medicated. I had to buy mostly multi-plats to enjoy it and guess what I and everyone else learned? Multi-plats were shit along with PSN. The Orange Box...lag central. Timeshift...lag central...without mic support...and imagine if it did have mic support, you wouldn't be able to play it. What else? Lets see...hmmm...I think everyone know the rest of the story. That was just my own little personal experience.

ActionBastard2668d ago

Generalizing the crowd on Xbox Live as being 10-year old nazis, as if this would be isolated to Xbox Live somehow.

Soda Popinsky | 35m ago

Not only do you not know what SPAM is, you're taking this article way too personal.

SOAD2668d ago

I was playing Halo 3 with my friend today. Even in the social slayer mode, the other players were acting very obnoxious and making rude comments. However, that isn't to say that I haven't experienced similar problems while playing PSN.

I've been called a beaner, a f*g, a n*gger, and every other obscenity under the sun. I don't take it personally, and sometimes I respond. Most times I just mute it and forget about it because it's not hard to do.

On PS3, I play UC2. I immediately click mute all as soon as I have a chance. Some times when I haven't muted the other players, I have heard the same level of profanity. It does exist.

But I do hear more on XBL. It seems to that trashtalking is a staple of XBL.

Some people treat this as a bulletpoint against XBL. But the mute button is there for a reason. And you can also be in a party with your friends or even by yourself at all times and never hear what other people are saying.

Agent-862667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

@Soda Popinsky, Actually, I've spent quite a bit of time gaming on a PC and it is a much better, more mature experience. Just join a gaming community or clan that plays the games you like, then get on TeamSpeak, Ventrillo, or whatever communication program they use. You will find that the servers will be adminned and people kicked or banned for violating their code of conduct.

My gaming community is for all ages so no vulgar, racist or homophobic comments are allowed. From what my friends tell me, Xbox Live is a free for all and really obnoxious. I guess you can mute the offensive ones, but that gets to be a pain. I'd rather join a community/clan that shares my gaming interests and respects others.

tinybigman2667d ago

as i only play with close friends and family. i don't need to hear stupid people and their nonsense.

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dizzleK2668d ago

flamebait is usually good for a laugh or 2 but this is just garbage.

had the author provided some specific examples instead of just generalities and coming off like the type of dick he claims to rally against he might have had a decent point, however over generalized.

instead he sounds like he simply has an axe to grind and spouted talking points that are pretty much memes at this point. without any specific examples or a poignant discussion of the topic he simply comes off as a bitter fanboy regurgitating the same tired clap-trap we've heard for years. you can't generalize anything on an admitted handful of experiences. not xbl, psn or even /b/ for that matter.

SpaceSquirrel2668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

Although Xbox Live is bad, all online communities have their bad apples.

cobraagent2668d ago

Even if XBOX Live is full of kids that is neither the fault of Microsoft nor the fault of the service itself. The only one responsible is the community and it doesn't make sense blaming the XBOX360 or the XBOX Live.
It is really annoying when people say "The XBL is full of kids screaming" or "PSN is silent since no one uses a microphone". It doesn't make any sense and the companies, consoles or services should not be blamed

CaptainMarvelQ82667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

but the "PSN is silent since no one uses a microphone" problem is because Sony, unlike MS don't equip a mic with the console
now i know PSN is free and it's great,but i just thought i would tell you

cobraagent2667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

And "The XBL is full of kids screaming" problem is because Microsoft, unlike Sony equip a mic with the console.
So Sony should start equiping mics while MS should stop?
Microphones made XBL this "plague" and the lack of them made PSN "silent"
It makes absolutely no sense. Thats why i find these 2 arguments terrible

CaptainMarvelQ82667d ago (Edited 2667d ago )

double post,damn servers -_-

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