Heavenly Sword Flying Fox Strikes Gameplay

The Flying Fox jumps into the ring to try his luck against the deadly Nariko.

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LSDARBY3878d ago

i dont like how it goes picture in picture like that, other than that great cant wait. I just hope that music isnt in the actual game lol and gametrailers have put it in themselves

Violater3878d ago

I think the PiP works fine, Lair could have probably employed this technique, as a result their sudden cut scenes makes the game play seem jarring.
With HS you can continue bashing heads in while some lunatic yaps off on the side.

Mr_Kuwabara3878d ago

Hope that was round 1 because he looked too easy. Nice video though and the graphics still amaze me.

[email protected]3878d ago

That was fast and fun.... September its sooo close.

Anego Montoya FTMFW3878d ago

No. Thats not the music.
Yes. that is Round1.

XxZxX3878d ago

look nice.. Buying it ..

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The story is too old to be commented.