O.J. Simpson ordered to pay Goldmans over game

Relatives of murder victim Ron Goldman won a court order on Tuesday seizing any money O.J. Simpson earns for lending his name and likeness to a football video game with a fictional team called the Assassins and a knife-wielding mascot.

The game is published by Take-Two Interactive Software, the company behind such controversial video game titles as "Grand Theft Auto" and "Manhunt 2," which was banned in Britain and given the equivalent of an adults-only rating in the United States.

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PS360WII3945d ago

ha in your face! Sure he may of sneaked off to Florida so he doesn't have to pay a dang dime from his civil lawsuit but I guess this and the book deal he has to pay to them is a start.

Syko3945d ago

This guy is a freakin' double murder walking around a smuggling money away from the Goldman's! What a waste of my oxygen this guy is. I hope the Goldman's get every last penny from this game. I hope "The Juice" gets run over by a golf cart. That is all...

StarsCream3945d ago

I had bought the game not knowing about OJ in it, I returned it the next day once i found out. I am disgusted that the once great team behind the 2K series stoops to this level to garner attention. RIP 2K, you went down dishonorably.

sumfood4u3945d ago

my condolences to the victims of the family, but how much more tv, news an media are we going to see from O.J.? They mine as well charge him for the air he breathes!