Call of Duty 3 PS3 and Wii pre-order bonus

Order Call of Duty 3 for the Nintendo Wii or the Sony PlayStation 3 at America Gamestop or EB Games (online and retail) stores and receive a Sneak Peek into Call of Duty 3 Bonus DVD for free.

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YoJ1Mbo4490d ago

they get some silly disc, we get the demo! ya, that was immature, im for all systems, want to own all of them, so no offense.

TMoney4490d ago (Edited 4490d ago )

Lame, Lame, Lame.

Daewoodrow4489d ago

Honest question, why not 360 too? Ebgames would discriminate against one console on purpose, they just want to shift as many units on all platforms as possible. This could only mean they have ALOT of preorders for the 360 version but nobody is bothering to preorder it on PS3 and Wii yet.