Bungie reveal more on Halo 3

With only two months left for the world wide release of Halo 3, Microsoft sat down with Bungie's Frank O"Connor, Halo's Content Manager and Brian Jarrard Director of Franchise and Community Affairs to chat about the making of one of the 2007" most anticipated video games. Find out what they had to say after the jump.

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ParaDise_LosT3944d ago

till the world ends? :(
Damn I won't get to play mass effect! >:O
haha anyway Halo 3 will be amazing :)

Bloodmask3944d ago

online game ever. Even compared to PC games.

And that says a lot. At least to me. It has by far the most fun party system of any online game. I honestly wish more games would copy it. Or even all games.

I know that Bungie listens to their fans and for them to say they are going back to the series roots is really exciting.

I am sure Halo 3 will be a big hit even well into the life of the newest XBOX that is released.

nobizlikesnowbiz3944d ago

and i still cant believe that next gen games are coming out with mediocre or worse matchmaking systems with no lobby, and not well thought out at all.

when i first starting playing halo 2 online, i thought to myself, "this matchmaking is going to be the standard for everything to follow it". but nothing of the sort. no one even copied them.

maybe they were trying to save dignity?

they shouldve just copied halo 2´s system. its nearly flawless.

halo 3´s will be absolutely amazing.

Al3944d ago (Edited 3944d ago )

HAlo 3, baby!!! Don't deny it, you know you... huh, oh sorry. Got a little carried away. I'll just wrap it in then (sorry).

September 25th- be there.

Edit: Virus E, you get some more bubbles (not that you need em) for that funny post. "Chiefly pee"? Brilliant.

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The story is too old to be commented.