August RPG releases: Shop Watch by RPG Land

Russ shows RPG fans which games to watch for--and exactly when--in the month of August. A pair fo PSP RPGs top the watch list.

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hatchimatchi2906d ago

Damn, i still need to beat valkyria chronicles. I'm almost done with FFXIII, but after that I was going to play resonance of fate or star ocean: the last hope international.

I hate the fact that I absolutely love jrpg's yet I have zero time to play them.

truehunter2906d ago

resonance of fate is gonna pull you 70+ hours if u plan doing all the mission quest. With arena its probly extra 10+ hours i didnt finish that one so iono. I think FF13 wasnt worth my time. Glad i paid 30$ new then full price. I got bord so fast in FF13. Im chapter 12 rite now an hoping to end the game fast. I just started SO4, so far the camera angel sucks an the Movement of ur character is hard to balance on where u wanna go during Map. The game im waitting for is Atelier Rorona an i beat Trinity Universe last week. Gotta say the game isnt that bad but it isnt all that good. If anything the game itself is worth 30-40$ but if u planning to play it twice i guess its worth it. Only play it once ... to many titles need to finish.

hatchimatchi2905d ago

Nice, thanks for the reply. I was wondering how trinity universe was.

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