Gaming Union: StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Review

Gaming Union:

"StarCraft II is a game that's near flawless in every aspect. Any real-time strategy gamer who doesn't pick it up should be flagged as committing a serious crime. The campaign's story rounds up nicely and players will eagerly be awaiting the follow up campaigns for Protoss and Zerg as soon as they finish them. The multiplayer and custom maps just complete the package and if StarCraft is anything to go by, gamers will be playing this for many a year to come."

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mephman2849d ago

Easily one of the best RTS ever made, if not the best.

ShawnCollier2849d ago

Wow, looks nice.


Blacktric2849d ago

God I love those Koreans.

Hardedge2849d ago

I love StarCraft to death, it's too bad I suck at macro/micro qq...

Coramoor_2849d ago

Another Brilliant game by Blizzard, not much more to be said then that really

playstation_clan2849d ago

a GOTY game for the PC? From the sony fanboys, congrats

Gran Touring2849d ago

Truly is an amazing game. Now blizzard just needs to get Diablo III out the door :P

evrfighter2849d ago

GoTY across all platforms. easily

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The story is too old to be commented.