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Submitted by Hardedge 1945d ago | review

Gaming Union: StarCraft II Wings of Liberty Review

Gaming Union:

"StarCraft II is a game that's near flawless in every aspect. Any real-time strategy gamer who doesn't pick it up should be flagged as committing a serious crime. The campaign's story rounds up nicely and players will eagerly be awaiting the follow up campaigns for Protoss and Zerg as soon as they finish them. The multiplayer and custom maps just complete the package and if StarCraft is anything to go by, gamers will be playing this for many a year to come." (PC, StarCraft II: Wings of LIberty) 10/10

mephman  +   1945d ago
Easily one of the best RTS ever made, if not the best.
ShawnCollier  +   1945d ago
Wow, looks nice.

Blacktric  +   1945d ago
God I love those Koreans.
Hardedge  +   1945d ago
I love StarCraft to death, it's too bad I suck at macro/micro qq...
Coramoor_  +   1945d ago
Another Brilliant game by Blizzard, not much more to be said then that really
playstation_clan  +   1945d ago
a GOTY game for the PC? From the sony fanboys, congrats
A change in the wind  +   1945d ago
Yep, it`s been a while.
Gran Touring  +   1945d ago
Truly is an amazing game. Now blizzard just needs to get Diablo III out the door :P
evrfighter  +   1945d ago
GoTY across all platforms. easily
Mr Exclusive  +   1945d ago
Can anyone tell me if there are any Doda type maps for this yet? (League of Legends/Heroes of Newreth type of maps)
Coramoor_  +   1945d ago
none of those maps were ever made for SC1, and idk if the hero unit set up would be correct for those types of maps
rumplstilts  +   1945d ago

That is the one I played.
dawgsfan117  +   1945d ago
There are DOTA and tower D games for this right now but they are very unpolished so far. It will take a while for really good versions to be made. The lack of a Hero system like the one in Warcraft III makes it a little harder for the DOTA types because there is no such thing as items in Starcraft 2. Which is why I would truly love Warcraft 4.
Awookie  +   1945d ago
They do have a hero system in the map editor and is in several custom maps already
worm2010  +   1945d ago
just brought sc2 in my lunch break can't wait until i get home
games4fun  +   1945d ago
of course
as if there was any doubt.
luccinice01   1945d ago | Spam
codyodiodi  +   1945d ago
I really need to get on buying this game!
eggbert  +   1945d ago
I got placed in the Platinum League....

I should have purposely lost all my matches and got placed in the copper league or something. Woulda been fun to get easy wins.
skip2mylou  +   1945d ago
lol u getting raped now?
Perjoss  +   1945d ago
heh, I fully intend to play all my 50 practice games before going ladder / league, I really need the practice, only ever played RTS vs AI in the past.
-MD-  +   1945d ago
I love how people are complaining the game isn't complete. Everytime I log in I find something new to do.

It's such a great game.
Perjoss  +   1945d ago
It's the only complaint the haters can find, there's the LAN thing also but I fully understand Blizzard wanting each player to own their own copy. People saying this game is incomplete probably have not played it. Wings of Liberty with its single campaign has more gameplay than the original game had with 3.
Panthers  +   1945d ago
I can tell you right now its a complete game. Thats like calling Star Wars an incomplete movie. I mean the missions are amazing and fun, and I am so happy that I have 2 full more campaigns to look forward to, and not just 10 short missions per race. The story they are telling is epic and deserves to be told over 3 games.
instrumentalist  +   1945d ago
Don't get offended but it sounds as you took the bait from Blizzard. The story could've epic in a single game, they're making it sound like no game ever before had an epic story, and then the Holy Blizzard came, raining their holy shit down us gamers. Come on man, I'm not bashing the story but you've gotta realize they're not the Blizzard they used to be. New administration, new people, new priorities (money).
They could've put it all on a single dual-layer, or let's give em 2, that's more than enough.

The game's cutscenes are starting to feel very SquareEnix-like, Blizz overdid the cinematic part a bit, it's an rts in the end, no matter how much hype and HD animations you stuff it with, it's still based on frantically clicking your mouse to micro, no one's gonna care that much about epic this epic that :)

Hope you got my point, I was bashing Blizz, not you :)

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