Killzone 2 Preview

The original Killzone (PS2) was largely criticized for having several blatant flaws, such as serious AI issues among other glaring technical glitches. Hell, the entire game was smacked for its slightly repetitive gameplay. On the other hand, the game's unique storyline, noteworthy design and decent online experience helped improve the situation.

Due to its advantages, the franchise managed to garner a solid fan base, which is why the game's approaching full-on sequel also generated much attention during the E3 2007. Killzone 2 is, at present, a PS3 exclusive and is scheduled to ship some time during 2008.

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I_killed_TheMart3914d ago

Do you guys think they'll ever match that cgi trailer not just in graphics but in gameplay?

achira3914d ago

even when they do reach 50% this game will be better then all the rest. i am sure this game will be awesome.

PlayStation3603914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

that (original trailer) gameplay was fluid. However, many thought the graphics would never get near to the original. And the way it looks now, with many months left, it could get there. So as for gameplay, no one , absolutely no one, can be sure. We just might be pleasantly surprised. Only time will tell bro.

Bazookajoe_833914d ago

I would like to have a new trailer in november maybe and see how far they have come. I dont know how much were compromised to get it ready at e3. But i do think that this will be an amazeing game, i like they way that the helghast drops to their hands and knees before they die=) And that they are bleeding and destructible enviroment, hehe i could go on forever ;-)

urban bohemian3914d ago

Remember the CGI trailer for motorstorm? Everyone was amazed and then the game turned out to be not *too* far off?!

PlayStation3603914d ago

My absolute favorite moment was when one of the helghast was falling forward (after being shot), and at that same moment the player continued shooting his face. :))

Violater3914d ago

Since technically it was CGI and not game play :)

nobizlikesnowbiz3914d ago

i dont think its possible for any game this gen to live up to the cgi footage shown at e3 05.

it was all too fluid, too human. the actions and reactions i dont think can be done using the this gen´s interfaces. (controller)

i mean, so many parts of that footage were obviously tailored to look awesome.

the graphics might live up to the footage, but i doubt it. not saying i dont want the graphics to be killer. id buy a ps3 then.

it would be freaking awesome if the gameplay shown in that footage could somehow be done in actual gameplay. but i just dont see how it could be done.

lol until you put on a helmet, and immerse yourself in a fully virtual world, where your hand actions and such are replicated. lolol.

so no. i dont think it can possibly live up to the gameplay shown. although it would rock all our socks off, as gamers.

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ParaDise_LosT3914d ago

this is an outrage (for mass effect) some people will know what I'm talking about :(
carry on!

Marty83703914d ago

I think it will be very close to the trailer.

urban bohemian3914d ago

If I was playing that original E3 trailer my head would probably explode the amount of action in two minutes was the equivilant to half an hour in a normal fps game! I still like watching that original CGI one, even if it wasn't in game its still a pretty damn cool video! They should put it on the psn anyways. Although I think the guys who made call of duty 2 got busted for putting a cgi trailer on tv as people miss took it for gameplay!

TheMART-sucksdick3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

f*ck tears of war, steroids anybody hahahahahahaha

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AllroundGamer3914d ago (Edited 3914d ago )

do you spit or swallow? :D

sjappie3914d ago

Another latent homosexual.

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