New iMacs feature DirectX 10-compatible ATI Radeon GPUs

Just unveiled at the Apple's latest press conference is a new line of iMacs. And while we still won't be able to upgrade anything except for the RAM, each of the three new models feature graphics cards from ATI's Radeon R600 series that support Microsoft's DirectX 10, which is sure to bring a smile to the handful of Mac users who see dual-booting Windows Vista a viable gaming solution.

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Odion3969d ago

i thought Joystiq was taking a stab at MS, but then the only person who looses here is the person who does this. Mac wins because people buy their computers at a big price hike. MS windows wins cause these guys still have to buy Vista to play them ,and MS doesn't care what computer your using. And ATI wins cause people buy these GFX cards.

ben hates you3969d ago

does this mean, macs have directX10? Well they don't really have that many games to test it on, like crysis its windows exclusive

MrWegman3969d ago

I will order a 24" imac as soon as the apple store is back up and running... I am not buying it for gaming, but it does look like I could use it for gaming... I have been waiting for the new imacs for awhile (plus it is now $200 cheaper).

PlayStation3603969d ago

I had my iMac (20 inch) for awhile now, and I love it. I kinda wish I waited for these newer iMacs, but I'm still happy. I can't wait for Leopard.

Crazyglues3969d ago (Edited 3969d ago )

wow... they look pretty cool. I can't really be mad at apple they make some cool products. (iPod anyone) Now if they could just make the next iPod that would be cool.

Odion3969d ago

It doesn't mean Apple has DX10, it means that people can now duel boot Windows on their mac and have a GFX card that works.

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