Changing your PSN nickname, an upcoming feature of PS-Plus?

PS3-Sense writes "According to several hackers the PlayStation Plus feature gets expanded with an option to change your PlayStation Network name. Something that's already possible in the Japanese PlayStation Network"

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Baltis2824d ago ShowReplies(8)
The_Zeitgeist2824d ago

Changing your name would be an awesome feature. I have wanted to change my name for a while now. 3 years after buying PS3 and having a kid really makes me want to take the 420 off the end of my name.

zeeshan2824d ago

I love how Sony keeps improving their services and offering new things every now and then but they should think of all the possibilities before they launch a certain service damn it! I am dead sure that 6-9 months from now PSN will be far... FAR ahead of XBL (if it is not better already) but, I wish Sony would just come out with some explosive material when it comes to extra services. They are nailing it when it comes to games and hardware features but you have got to admit that some of their marketing moves have been very silly.

BeOneWithTheGun2824d ago

but smoking a bong in your N4G avatar has no ill effect..


FACTUAL evidence2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

THANK THE LAWD! Made my name back in 07...what can I say, resistance one looked to be fun! Had to hurry!

Blaze9292824d ago

"Something that's already possible in the Japanese PlayStation Network"

What!? Since when!? I'd totally pay to change my PSN ID. Microsoft does it for $10 and people still do it like it's nothing. I don't see why Sony doesn't do the same (for free or cheaper) for everyone outside of Japan.

If it's PSN+ getting this then I'd totally sign up just for that then cancel immediately after.

MaximusPrime2824d ago

if u cancel ps+ after changing name, then you probably go back to your original name.

i think the rule is, as long you are existing ps+ member, thats how long your new name will stay.

btw, a buddy of mine is a japanese and i saw him changed name twice. now hes back to his original name.

Uzesgelen_Goo2824d ago

only changing in friendlist not in game name.

Uzesgelen_Goo2824d ago

only changing in friend-list not in game name.

mugoldeneagle032824d ago

Having a kid doesn't mean you need to quit the green brother, just gotta choose the right time and be a bit more careful. Not to mention the first time you'll get to share a J w/ them :)

OT: I would love this. What would be even better is if you could change your name while retaining the same buddy list/account, although I doubt that would happen.

Good news if it happens though

Mmmkay2824d ago

of course. otherwise you can just make a new account with a new id..... the entire reason for changing id is to keep your friends list and trophies and what not...

sixaxis2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

indeed, i also hope its true. i bought ps3 on the day it was released, and quickly typed in silly nickname cos i was so sure i can change it, well so far no luck.

Shepherd 2142824d ago

Now when i wake up, the Choobinater will be Black Mayo. then the next day his name will be Adam Sandler420. Then it will be SupaKilla the next day. It happens all the time on Steam. Hopefully there will be a limit as to how many times you can change your name.

There is a reason why it costs 10 bucks on Live to change your name, and i love it because people dont change as often. Pick one and be done with it. i have one and will always have one name.

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silkrevolver2824d ago

...I’m Silkrevolver on everything BUT the PSN... which is unfortunate, because that’s what I want it on the most.

FIZZYVIMTO2824d ago (Edited 2824d ago )

Would be a nice feature, one thing would be interesing would the people with plus get to change it for free for so many times every year.

multips3fan2824d ago

changing my psn name would be awsome!!!.

Mmmkay2824d ago

and suddenly no one on your friends list have any idea who you are anymore.... nice..

f7897902824d ago

You could just tell them in real life.