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Changing your PSN nickname, an upcoming feature of PS-Plus?

PS3-Sense writes "According to several hackers the PlayStation Plus feature gets expanded with an option to change your PlayStation Network name. Something that's already possible in the Japanese PlayStation Network" (PS3)

Credit url: ps3-sense.nl
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Baltis   1760d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(8)
The_Zeitgeist  +   1760d ago
Changing your name would be an awesome feature. I have wanted to change my name for a while now. 3 years after buying PS3 and having a kid really makes me want to take the 420 off the end of my name.
RockmanII7  +   1760d ago
3 years after buying PS3 and having a kid really makes me want to take the 420 off the end of my nam
zeeshan  +   1759d ago
I love how Sony keeps improving their services and offering new things every now and then but they should think of all the possibilities before they launch a certain service damn it! I am dead sure that 6-9 months from now PSN will be far... FAR ahead of XBL (if it is not better already) but, I wish Sony would just come out with some explosive material when it comes to extra services. They are nailing it when it comes to games and hardware features but you have got to admit that some of their marketing moves have been very silly.
BeOneWithTheGun  +   1760d ago
but smoking a bong in your N4G avatar has no ill effect..

Chestercopperpot  +   1759d ago
thats not a bong!!! haha
Umbrella Corp  +   1759d ago
Wanna get high?
FACTUAL evidence  +   1759d ago
THANK THE LAWD! Made my name back in 07...what can I say, resistance one looked to be fun! Had to hurry!
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Blaze929  +   1759d ago
"Something that's already possible in the Japanese PlayStation Network"

What!? Since when!? I'd totally pay to change my PSN ID. Microsoft does it for $10 and people still do it like it's nothing. I don't see why Sony doesn't do the same (for free or cheaper) for everyone outside of Japan.

If it's PSN+ getting this then I'd totally sign up just for that then cancel immediately after.
MaximusPrime  +   1759d ago
if u cancel ps+ after changing name, then you probably go back to your original name.

i think the rule is, as long you are existing ps+ member, thats how long your new name will stay.

btw, a buddy of mine is a japanese and i saw him changed name twice. now hes back to his original name.
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   1759d ago
japanese changing name feature was
only changing in friendlist not in game name.
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   1759d ago
japanese changing name feature was
only changing in friend-list not in game name.
Uzesgelen_Goo  +   1759d ago
japanese changing name feature was
only changing in friendlist not in game name.
mugoldeneagle03  +   1759d ago
@ Zeitgeist
Having a kid doesn't mean you need to quit the green brother, just gotta choose the right time and be a bit more careful. Not to mention the first time you'll get to share a J w/ them :)

OT: I would love this. What would be even better is if you could change your name while retaining the same buddy list/account, although I doubt that would happen.

Good news if it happens though
Mmmkay  +   1759d ago
of course. otherwise you can just make a new account with a new id..... the entire reason for changing id is to keep your friends list and trophies and what not...
sixaxis  +   1759d ago
indeed, i also hope its true. i bought ps3 on the day it was released, and quickly typed in silly nickname cos i was so sure i can change it, well so far no luck.
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Shepherd 214  +   1759d ago
Now when i wake up, the Choobinater will be Black Mayo. then the next day his name will be Adam Sandler420. Then it will be SupaKilla the next day. It happens all the time on Steam. Hopefully there will be a limit as to how many times you can change your name.

There is a reason why it costs 10 bucks on Live to change your name, and i love it because people dont change as often. Pick one and be done with it. i have one and will always have one name.
silkrevolver  +   1760d ago
...I’m Silkrevolver on everything BUT the PSN... which is unfortunate, because that’s what I want it on the most.
FIZZYVIMTO  +   1760d ago
Would be a nice feature, one thing would be interesing would the people with plus get to change it for free for so many times every year.
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multips3fan  +   1760d ago
changing my psn name would be awsome!!!.
Mmmkay  +   1759d ago
and suddenly no one on your friends list have any idea who you are anymore.... nice..
f789790  +   1759d ago
You could just tell them in real life.
tdrules  +   1760d ago
Display Name- can be altered at will
User Name- nonchangable

I will laugh my face off if Sony charge for this, when Steam/Xfire has it for free
mushroomwig  +   1760d ago
A lot of places offer a free ID change, I don't think it's anything to complain about it Sony make it part of PS+, you wouldn't want all your friends changing their names everyweek..that would become incredibly confusing and annoying. There has to be some kind of control.
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The_Zeitgeist  +   1760d ago
No one is talking about changing the display name.
xAlmostPro  +   1759d ago
maybe it will be part of steamworks?
playstation_clan  +   1759d ago
if im not mistaken Microsoft charges 800ms points to change username on 360, so why not include it for free on a service?
maxcer  +   1760d ago
can't you just make a new ID for free? or is all your trophy info saved on the ID itself?
mushroomwig  +   1760d ago
Yup, nothing is stopping you from creating a new username but say goodbye to your hard earned trophies if you do that. At the moment there is no way of transfering trophies to another account and I hope it stays that way because otherwise there would be a lot of mis-use.
TimeSkipLuffy  +   1759d ago
you still can sell & buy a complete account full with trophies though XD
But you really must hate gaming to do so...
rdgneoz3  +   1759d ago
As Mushroomwig said, you can create a new user name, but you start off at 0 trophies. So for people that don't care about trophies, its fine. For others, this addition will be a welcome feature if they're looking to change their nickname.
mushroomwig  +   1760d ago
FYI, your PSN nickname is not your online name, the Japanese feature will let you change your display name but the username you originally signed up with stays the same.

For example, if my PSN ID was MushroomWig and I changed it to 123456789, that would appear on my XMB but to everyone else I would still be MushroomWig.

I hope the feature of actually changing your online username is available one day, I'm sick of my name now.
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Colonel-Killzone  +   1760d ago
Nothing to complain about. Also its nothing to praise about neither. Cool feature for those who wanna change their name.
Scary69  +   1759d ago
I agree, A good feature for those who want it. As for me I won't need it I like my PSN name just peachy. :-D
unknown100  +   1759d ago
is your PSN blackbabykiller?
Colonel-Killzone  +   1759d ago
No my PSN is Lt-Colonel-Snake......
Dellis  +   1760d ago
The name is the EMAIL^, he is right

I think this feature would be good for people with

capital letter names.
Biggunz  +   1760d ago
According to some hackers who wish to remain anonymous
Akagi  +   1760d ago
I don't know if I'd change mine, I doubt I get anything better. EVERY username is taken, seriously.
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redDevil87  +   1760d ago
That would be cool. I made a PSN and didn't know you couldn't change it, and now i'm stuck with it D:
gamingisnotacrime  +   1760d ago
i have wanted to change my PSN id for a while
but now i got used to it and will not give it up lol

NoGodsOnlyMan FTW

My psn is one of the most original ones i have seen on PSN, whicj means im cooool :)
pixelsword  +   1759d ago
NoMenOnlyWomen would've been more my cup of tea.
Mmmkay  +   1759d ago
LotsOfWomenForFree i suppose?
pixelsword  +   1758d ago

VersusEM  +   1760d ago
My names Valkyrain_Steel. And I cant change a name that badass. anyways, add me every1.
DelbertGrady  +   1759d ago
Sounds like a fantasy themed porno.
N2G  +   1759d ago
that would be great as long as we can keep this change for ever.

pixelsword  +   1759d ago
No, you're right; you can't keep the free games, so that is a valid point.
xAlmostPro  +   1759d ago
i'd like this feature! i have my new acount 'xAlmostPro' and i love that name, but my old account 'xEN7xASSASSINx' i'd like to change ive been asked to join 10+ clans(across a few games) quite recently but all needed you to change your name and i didnt want to make a new account therefor turned them down, if i had this feature it would be pretty handy =]
AssassinHD  +   1759d ago
Yeah there is no way I would ever join a clan that required me to change my PSN name.
maverick1191  +   1759d ago
if true it would give me more interest into buying ps+ but as of now no (only cos i have most of the content they offer)
Flare149  +   1759d ago
I've definitely wanted this for a long time. When I first made my account I was so excited I was actually online (we had a lot of trouble with our wi-fi originally and I thought I had finally figured it out, I found out awhile later that I was connected to the neighbors account...sigh) that I just went with a random nickname a friend had given me. Now I use Flare for everything so it would be nice to make it match my other various accounts
dougr  +   1759d ago
I would love
I would love to change my name. My online name is my real first and last name because when I signed up for it I didn't realize it was my gamer-tag at first. I had already invited all of my friends so I didn't bother to change it now I run around on games like Socom and NHL with my real name.

If this becomes a feature I will pay for PSN+. As it is now there is no value in it for me but if useful things come along then I will gladly pay 50 to change my name and then use it from there.
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clintos59  +   1759d ago
This would be a cool feature but I doubt it'll happen but...
Hey atleast u can still make a new account & use it to play online for free where u have to pay to do the same on the 360 to play online. Both systems online have their advantages but for me being able to play online multiplayer free is why i prefer PSN. If this true then it'll be just another great audition to psn users.
Paradise Lost  +   1759d ago
Hey, alot of people have asked for this, hopefully they get what they wish for.
Snoogins  +   1759d ago
It's been awhile since I used my Japanese account, but I used to be able to change my PSN name in Account Management. There have been many times I've wanted to change my name on the US account, which would have saved me the trouble of making more accounts.
CynicalVision  +   1759d ago
You're not actually changing your PSN name on your Japanese account, only your display name. To everyone else you still have the same username you signed up with.
gaga78   1759d ago | Spam
Lucreto  +   1759d ago
Mine is still Lucreto and it will remain that way. I thought long and hard before I signed up.(A dark priest from Kings Quest if anyone is interested). It is rare to see people with just a name like mine without having _ in the name or ending it in numbers.
You Noob  +   1759d ago
This feature already exist and work on JAP PSN from the start.

But it's not a real change id.
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napalmbrainmusic  +   1759d ago
mine is napalmbrainmusic challenge me if u dare
yushangAP   1759d ago | Spam
theonlylolking  +   1759d ago
Its already in japan for non plus users to give us the option too.
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