Warning:New Wii firmware "may" Brick Modded Wii's

The recently released new wii firmware has been reportedly bricking modded wii's. During the process, there is an update after the initial 3.0U that warns people about using modchips and that you will be disconnected from online and the Wii will brick. This has been confirmed with some mod-chips.

We advise you to hold of on updating your wii if you have it modded, until an update becomes available.

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TriggerHappy3910d ago

Guys, if you've modded your wii or done anything to it...please hold off on updating it. You may end up with a permanent brick.

If you have "OpenWii" or any similar mod installed..WAIT!!!

Syko3910d ago

I have a Wiikey in my Wii, This story just saved my ass. KUDOS to the poster! I usually wait just incase but damn now I have to watch the disc updates REALLY carefully.

jadura4503910d ago

Anyone who's modding their Wii so they can get pirated GC games deserves to have their console bricked...

Syko3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

I know what you're saying, but that is kind of a blanket statement on the whole mod-chip scene. Just making consoles region free would stop a lot of the mod scene. I personally like the Japanese Wii games a lot better than the current US Wii games, I just have a hell of a time playing them due to the all Japanese menus (Except Bleach). So while Mod-Chips do have "Other" uses it's not cool to blanket statement all of us that do it. I buy a TON of games...Mostly for my 360 but I have 5 games for my Wii. And trust me 5 is a lot of games because most Wii games suck BAD!

PS360WII3910d ago

Yea no modding for me. I like being a consumer ^^ update is nice but I suppose not really needed if you do in fact mod your consoles. It updated the weather and news channels so it'll hit the top stories without need of going into it. Added a clock to the main menu and added some more search methods for the VC.

Syko3910d ago

It appears to be a scare tatic as no Wii has been bricked (At least with a Wiikey) However users are reporting that the Wiikey setup disc no longer works and mabye some kind of a red flag on the console once inserted. At the very least "flagged" consoles may lose online abilities on the next update.

Here are a list of the update features that are known.
okay just found out whgat the update did

- Weather Channel now shows current weather symbol
- News Channel features scrolling headlines
- Digital Clock appears on wii menu
- Store has new search by categories, most popular, recent additions
- Store has new welcome page
- Support for AOSS router setup
- New color Scheme for Message Channel
- Disk Channel Icon - The disk does a 180 left and right
- Faster load times when leaving channels
- Faster disk read speeds
- Move contacts on address Book
- Calendar no longer displays envelopes for the amount of time you played, only messages
- Light bar goes on when disk is inserted or removed
- Accomplishments shows who you have messaged
- Fan runs now when connected to WiiConnect24
- New message pulse on message button


TriggerHappy3910d ago

And in a nutshell:
This update does the following:
Make the Menus look cooler
Make the Menus load a bit faster
Mess up OpenWii (So don't update if you have OpenWii)
Stop you from using config discs (for the most part)
Wiikey, CycloWiz, Wiinja v2 & Deluxe are Unaffected
AR and Freeloader don't work
There are two updates for Version 3.0U - The first gives you the digital clock, and the disc channel icon, and changes the layout of the shop channel. The Second update changes the weather channel to show the forcast from the wii menu.

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The story is too old to be commented.