Fujitsu's 231-inch TV Sports About 10 Pixels Per Square Inch, Not Quite HD

On first glance, Fujitsu's Super Frontech Vision LD is pretty awesome. It's a 231-inch TV, after all, and as we all know, the bigger the TV, the less empty you'll feel inside. The problem is, the thing has a resolution of 512x288. Yeah, that's not a typo, 512x288. That means you'd probably have to stand 30 feet back for it to look anything other than a big blurry piece of garbage. And they have the audacity to charge about $500,000 for this thing!

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snoop_dizzle3973d ago

i really wonder what was going through the minds of these guys when they were creating this.

Heepspo3973d ago

That's a kick ass big, blurry piece of garbage!

DrPirate3973d ago

And we thought the PS3 had jaggies.....

CNIVEK3973d ago

...from a $1500 DLP projector. :o

persian_prince3973d ago

POS.....half a mill for that thing....

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