Halo 3 Missile Case stores your gaming goods

Organize your gaming accessories and empty your wallet all at once. GameShop is offering a Halo 3 Missile Case that will be available September 18 ans will store tour controllers and a few games in Halo 3 style for only 19.99$. True, It doesn't look like it, the Missile case will be able to store your entire video game library.

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ben hates you3667d ago

if i had any extra,i have a buch of world war II ammo boxes but they're full of ammo, looks neat somewhat tempted

nobizlikesnowbiz3666d ago

lol ive got a bunch of metal .30 cal boxes too. but theyre empty. along with a couple of ones i got full of 7.62 ammo. (shot all of those)

these look kinda cool if your into buying useless themed stuff.

not for me though. ill just throw my sh1t on the floor.

jadura4503667d ago

All of these pre-Halo 3 accessories... It's a bit like watching Microsoft and retailers sucking up all of our cash with a straw...

Syko3667d ago

I am thinking of selling my ass-cheeks for advertising space on E-bay, I am sure MS would buy it up in a heartbeat. They can't get enough of this marketing juggernaut. Of course I can't blame them, at this point the game could suck and still sell 4-5 million in the first couple days.

Lakuspakus3667d ago

It look Ok, and its nearly useless.
Why have your games in a box?

Asuka3667d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

how much more can they milk out of halo??? This is pretty cool though, but useless.

GameOn3666d ago (Edited 3666d ago )

its not really useless is it.

Syko3666d ago

I wonder if Halo 3 will be advertised in Halo 3. In game advertising at it's best. So many logos you will run out and get a second copy. =)

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