Console Wars Heat Up

The three consoles are still in it for the long run, but the Console Wars have just heated up. The Microsoft Xbox 360 still in lead at around 12 million consoles sold worldwide. Nintendo's Wii sits a around 9 million consoles and Sony's PS3 at around 4 million consoles. But now Sony and Microsoft have changed their lineup and prices in effort to draw more customers into the battle.

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There is an error in the description the Xbox 360 sold around 10 million consoles. Not 12 million.

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A Man3911d ago

Hahaha. Its for kids and Emo's not real gamers.

ktchong3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

Do you put "real gamer" in your resume or credential?

Do you think putting "real gamer" in your college application will help you get into an Ivy League?

Or do you tell a chick that you're a "real gamer" when you try to impress her?

Anyone can be a real gamer. You just need to waste a lot of your time in front of a console. Let's be realistic here: being a "real gamer" is not something that can give you any sort of credential or crediblity in the real world. It's not a medical or law degree.

People who go for Wii are usually people who have a life and career and too busy to waste all their time on playing games and become a "real gamer". Now that's something to be proud of.

Honeal2g3910d ago

period should be compared to XBOX and PS2 thats it....thats like if microsoft came out with a slim Xbox with wifi controllers tomorrow ....wouold u call it next gen? if so why?

Balance3910d ago

in this context (video game news website) being a real gamer is like having a law degree, it means you have more knowledge, experience and insight on what is going on than a casual gamer. i don't go to law websites and claim to be knowledgable but if i had a law degree and went those sites i would let people know i am very knowledgable in the field, just as in the context of this site claiming to be a real gamer means you have the years of wasting away in front of the console to have more knowledge on the subject than the average joe..

but you are right about one thing, claiming to be a real gamer will definitly not help you meet chicks, actually just the opposite. of coarse unless the chick is very shallow being a scumbag lawer won't help you either.

ItsDubC3910d ago

Then by that logic, Free_Porn is not a real gamer. Check the profile. No PS3. No Wii. No mention of owning a handheld. No knowledge of the fact that most Wii owners are adults ( ). What's the definition of a fanboy?

dantesparda3910d ago

I'm with you, i agree with what you said. Games are just supposed to be for fun, not for bragging about how great you are. Thats like me bragging about being a "real" Monopoly player, as opposed to a "casual" one. Nobody is gonna care, and in fact think that im retarded for thinking im so great for this. There's nothing wrong with being good at games and knowing your sh!t, but know that its not necessary something to brag about

nasim3910d ago

x360 has sold just 10.3 million consoles and is also the least selling console in the world despite a 1 year headstart

ps3 has sold around 4.05 million and is now beating x360 all over the world

x360 is dead

SlappyMcTaint3910d ago

Xbox360 has SHIPPED 10million consoles, not SOLD. SHIPPED, which means a whole lot of them are still sitting there collecting dust, waiting for some poor soul to buy one and get the RROD.

InMyOpinion3910d ago

I thought the PS3 was for loners, since it has the least sales of all three.

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laryforlife3911d ago

there's a million of them, right now every console is surviving

ericnellie3910d ago

There have been tons of "the console war heats up" stories. The real fact is - I hope they all win because in the end, us gamers will come out on top! Now is a great time to be a gamer, hell - I bought all 3:)

BLACKJACK VII3911d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

"Microsoft has also address this problem with better heatsinks and new 65nm chips in Xbox 360s that are manufactured in July 2007 or later."

Leathersoup3910d ago

...that the MS price drop is to get rid of the old "pre-65nm" stock. The cheaper consoles are most likely the old "blow up in your face" consoles.

Maddens Raiders3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

which quoted material contains a typo, and a company which denies that denials exist. 8D

DEADEND3910d ago

i really wished i had waited to buy my 360, i hope to god it doesnt break down on me but its w/e i guess.

Sayai jin3910d ago

Do not worry you now have an extended warranty. I have all three system and all support all three companies. My PS3 died on me the 3rd week I had it (defective power supply). I was not to worried about it and got another one.

predator3910d ago

i heard the new fulcons r out now, uk ellite comes with them

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