New Rage's Megatexture Engine Screengrabs

New screengrabs from a High Quality video where John Carmack shows off ID Software's brand new engine. He claims that this engine will bring artists total freedom to add detail in games without worrying about any kind of performance hit.

These screenshots suggest that he might not be wrong in his affirmations.

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Odion3880d ago

and this tech is why DvD will be fine for this gen, Mega textures allow you to have that kind of detail at 500 megs instead of 5 gigs

Retro-Virus3880d ago (Edited 3880d ago )

Yup and your DVD along with textures can do 7.1 Uncompressed PCM, Dolby True-HD and DTS-HD Master ?

I don't know why people don't care about sound .

Odion3880d ago

because its a vast minority that has a sound system that can take advantage of that.

Real Gambler3880d ago

Since they started talking about this engine, they kept saying the engine alone would only fit on two dvd or one single bluray. They also said there could be a way to play the game with one dvd with "day" textures" and the other dvd with "night" texture to avoid the problem...

So either the engine is big and there's no room for textures, or the textures themselves are big... Do a search for Carmack Rage and "two dvd"...

Retro-Virus3880d ago

Just because it's a vast minority doesn't mean they should be neglected. More space is a constraint that Dev's don't need to worry about.

Vast minority are also people who have SD-TV's. That doesn't stop the minority from wanting more pixels and jaw dropping visuals.

Iam not rooting for Blu-ray or any format as long they have 40-50 gigs to give me Uncompressed audio to play with.

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tatotiburon3880d ago

oh my god...that looks fantastic, this game will own killzone.

"He also suggest that the Xbox 360 will benefit the most on this new engine due to its flexibility in memory." so the PS3 version will be the same or worst??

VirusE3880d ago

Unreal engine 3 what do you have to say about these screen shots?

Retro-Virus3880d ago

A slap in the face to all those who doubted Carmack et Co.

The man still has it in him what made him great.

Real Gambler3880d ago

Two days ago, it's "fantastic" engine was too big to fit on one DVD. Today, there's not enough memory in the PS3.

You see, the thing with consoles is that you're working with hardware that doesn't change for many years. So you make your game for it. ANY DEVS can make a fantastic game engine that will be too big to fit on one dvd, or would need more memory than a console has!!! But that's not how it's working...

So really, this guy only look like a guy who wants the headline, no matter what! I'm sorry, but to me, this is really crap. I could likely bet a load of money, that like any dev, by the time he is done with his game, it will fit nicely on a dvd, and it will fit plenty in the PS3 memory. The guy just want FREE advertising until the game comes out. So one day the 360 will not be good, and the next the PS3 will not be good. If he want to design games for unlimited hardware, then he should stick with PC, but I guess he will claim that a quadcore with a 8800 won't be good enough for him...

Mark my words. Free advertising, but the game will come out easily on both consoles : )

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