Online gaming, banned overnight in Vietnam and new laws in China.

China's first law initiated against the vastly growing online gaming industry will take effect on the 02/08/2010.
The law was introduced to protect children from internet addiction after numerous deaths of children at rehabiliation centers for internet-addicted youths last year.

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TheLeprachaun2821d ago

Sickening and fascist. People should be able to do what they want. If they're retarded enough to get addicted, that's their own damn fault.

HolyOrangeCows2821d ago

"Also in Vietnam the Ministry of Information and Communications has cut off overnight public internet access in businesses and banned advertisements of online games pending new regulations amid a public outcry over games influence on youths.
The move has also temporarily stopped the licensing of online games. Vietnamese officials announced the decision last week and said it will remain in effect until the end of the year."

And here I thought videogame fear-mongering was bad in the US...

Darkstorn2821d ago

Misleading title. Online gaming has not been banned yet, but internet access has been severely limited and a ban appears to be possible. It also states that online game advertising has been cut off.

I should add that Vietnam has an up-and-coming tech sector. If Vietnam does choose to pursue a full ban, then it isn't going to help with the country's economic growth. Additionally, some worthwhile investors may not be as interested in the country anymore. Not a smart economic move, in my opinion.

RememberThe3572821d ago

China would much rather attack their hobbies than address the real issues these kids are facing. That sounds every other culture in history.

But your logic is completely flawed and would only work if we all existed in a vacuum. Fortunately we do not and we all affect each other. Adictions that ruin lives such as drug and alcohol, and in this case gaming, are not just damaging to the person addicted but to the society as a whole.

I know it's easier to just say that it's their problem and move on, but that is just as ineffective as what China is doing. There is a major problem with suicide and addiction in these countries and it will take a massive social program to correct it.

The hard truth is that we are all apart of a community and we all have to play a role in it. So many people just refuse to accept that.

Monolith2821d ago

joe liebramen is pushing for the same thing here in th North American Union, i think its called the cybernetic security act, well do some research and youll probably find what in talking about.

2821d ago
sensor212821d ago

Where at least I know I'm Free

Monolith2821d ago

And hows that, when your being surveillanced at all times, Patriot act look it up, healthcare bill, all the bailouts, and its getting alot worse. Havent been truly free since 1911 and before(1885) when the rockefellers monopolizes oil. And so forth,


Invisible empire
Fall of the Republic
The obama deception
America: freedom to fascism
loose change
911 mysteries

Traveler2821d ago

Yes, Monolith, there has been a loss of freedom in the US as has happened in nearly all countries, but it is still more free than most countries in the world.

I'd still rather live in the US than in China or Vietnam.

Monolith2820d ago


SEE THATS THE illusion

of course i wouldnt want to live anywhere else, but what is it gonna be like in the next year, oh yeah global government.

SaberEdge2821d ago

Wow, don't you just love communism and authoritarian governments?

DeadlyFire2820d ago

They are supposed to watch and control their kids.

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Pedobear Rocks2821d ago

that means you have more time to wander the streets and meet up with me.



ambientFLIER2821d ago

Pedobear isn't, and hasn't been, funny for a looong time. Even less so for your fake account.

BeOneWithTheGun2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

having 12 year old kids work 16 hour days making Nike shoes?

Game13a13y2821d ago

and we have no problem supporting this company to making millions and millions dollars by exploiting these poor people?

madjedi2820d ago (Edited 2820d ago )

No doubt typed from a keyboard or on a monitor that says made in china, thailand, ect it's generally not smart to point fingers when your just as bad.

Exactly how many electronic devices do you own that are made by companies that exploit lower payed workers, i wont bother counting mine too many.

People buy what they want and what is acceptable within their budget, if you can find a new system that doesn't need a form of currency, i'm all ears.

You want to do something actually useful for future generations, figure out how get local governments and city governments around the world to push for more convenient recycling options for people.

It will do alot more help in the long run(decades/centuries) than(short term), getting people to give up their cheap electronics and goods they want.

Just because people are being exploited, which i can already tell you isn't going to happen us giving up cheap goods, good luck with that.

Baltis2821d ago

I hate online gaming. It is killing storytelling in all video games. You people don't play 90% of these online games anyways. And if you do you don't stick with them but a month and then it's on to the next one. I loath online gaming and that is one really good reason why I don't own the xbox 360. I don't have to pay for it on the Ps3, which is a good thing.

dizzleK2821d ago

i agree, it's absolutely overrated. how many games where you run around like a rat in a maze shooting each other can you play before youre sick of it? the same modes, the same guns, the same gameplay, etc.

RedBullGT2821d ago

I agree with you in a way. I am getting tired of multiplayer games and I want more from the single player. The one game where I felt that they did a good job is Uncharted 2. I love the single player and the multiplayer is solid. I did not feel like that they sacrificed any of the single player to create the multiplayer. I like multiplayer, but I am tired of these thrown together single player campaigns.

caladbolg7772821d ago

"you don't stick with them but a month and then it's on to the next one."

Really? Online games like Counterstrike, Starcraft, Warcraft, Team Fortress, Diablo and MMOs like Ultima, Everquest, WoW, Guild Wars and Eve say "hi". People play, have played and have continued to play some of these online games for literally decades.

Darkstorn2821d ago (Edited 2821d ago )

I'm not a fervent online gamer, as I don't have high-speed internet, but there's no doubt that it adds value to games. Online options make gaming much more accessible to the masses; those who don't care for story and just want to kill some time have the choice to play online, and those of us who enjoy single player have that option as well.

From an economic standpoint, online gaming has allowed the industry to grow vastly more than it would have otherwise. As much as you may dislike it, MW2's multiplayer alone will account for hundreds of millions of dollars, if not billions, in revenue (let's just hope that Activision actually invests the money in making more games and doesn't blow it all on bonuses...)

RememberThe3572821d ago

Is there anything about gaming that you don't hate. I have never read so many negative comments from one person.

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