Think you're hardcore? Then you should have beaten all these

Hardcore games present the greatest (and often longest) challenges, yet also the biggest payoffs, assuming you understand how they work.

This is hardcore. Or so everyone says. But what is 'hardcore'? To us gamers, it means the kind of game that serious gamers devote their time to. You know, hundreds of hours of time. The kind of game that kept granny away from gaming until Wii came along. It's about depth - of learning and understanding a game before truly mastering it...

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jay33909d ago

I'm hardcore!

But now i feel boring...

EZCheez3909d ago

Never played Ikaruga or Disgaea (excuse me if I spelled it wrong) but I've got the rest of them under wraps other than PES (not a big soccer fan). This list brings back some fond memories.

Fighting Dural for the first time.

Getting the McClaren F1. Oh, and that Suzuki offroader, That thing was amazing.

Zone of the Enders was incredible but in my opinion way too short to be on this list.

I used to enjoy maxing out my characters on FFVII to level 99 and playing story mode on Soul Calibur. That was one hell of an experience too. Some of the greatest games will have you just drop the controller in mental exhaustion once you see the credits start rolling.

Draugr3909d ago

I guess I'm somewhat hardcore, played all of those games and beat a couple of them.

Wolfgang1873909d ago

I'm not a hardcore gamer thats been playing since the late 70's because I don't care for racing games and soccer? heh, that's a good one.

Rooted_Dust3909d ago

I hate sports games, soccer being first among them.

M1am1U3909d ago

they didn't include at least one of the Myst games. Those were some of the most difficult games I've ever played, especially without using the guide.

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The story is too old to be commented.