Microsoft Lowers Price of Xbox 360 by $100 in Canada

Microsoft Corp. today kicked off the greatest holiday lineup in video game history by announcing it will reduce the Canadian retail price of Xbox 360 by $100 (CDN) beginning Aug. 8 at Canadian retailers nationwide. Soon to follow, Electronic Arts Inc. (EA) will release its blockbuster video game title "Madden NFL 08" on Aug. 14. "Madden NFL Football," one of the most important mass-appeal franchises in video games, was the top-selling game of 2006 and is the top-selling franchise of the past 10 years. Only Xbox 360 offers a console for all interests and budgets.

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ironwolf3784d ago

from the Sony Defense Group yet? Must be lunch time.

Zhuk3784d ago

i'm just glad to see MS beginning to share some price cut lovin around :)

Leathersoup3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )

With the price cut it's still cheaper in the US. Our dollar is much closer to the US dollar now.
After the price cut, a premium would be $399 CAN. In the US the premium would be 349.99. Take into account exchange rates and us Canadians are still paying more.
But it's still good to see. :)

399.99 CAN = 378.75 US.

XxZxX3784d ago

oohh no, we dont do defense anymore. We are counter attacking, now you guys on the defense. Watch out baby.. here we come, drumrolls.

Pricecut is great for everybody even Sony Fanboy love this.

Mikey_Gee3784d ago (Edited 3784d ago )


And direct from XBOX.COM makes it about as official as you can get.


Premium = $399.99 (CDN)
Core = $299.99 (CDN)
Elite = $499.99 (CDN)
Special Edition Halo 360 = $449.99 (CDN)in custom color and play and charge kit.

VERY VERY NICE !!! Plus all new machine have extra heat sink and all machines coming back from repair have new heatsink added as well. Better late than never.

ktchong3784d ago

A $100 instead of $50.

Kratos_Kart20073784d ago

Its Reduced 50 in the states...but 100 in canada...even with the exchange Canada gets a way better deal.....Lets confirm this please

Captain Tuttle3784d ago

You can't get much more confirmation than

carlman233784d ago

We're still more expensive up here, but at least it's more reasonable. 1 CDN dollar is now 0.9470 US dollars. So a $350 console in the US is ~$367 CDN.

Way to go Microsoft regardless!

BenzMoney3784d ago

This is most likely an adjustment on currency as well as a price drop. MS no longer has a reason to charge a 25% premium ($499CAD vs $399US) on the 360 in Canada due to a weaker Canadian dollar.

When the 360 launched, the Canadian dollar was $0.84US. Now it is $0.95. The 16% difference is now 5%. ...So, a this is basically a price drop in conjunction with a currency adjustment.

Zhuk3784d ago

this is an official press release, it's confirmed :)

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The story is too old to be commented.