Assassins Creed will be present @ LGC

Through an American gamesite it was announced Assassins Creed wouldn't be at the Leipzig Games Convention.

Today Ubisoft Netherlands said it is not correctly reported, Assassins Creed fortunately will be present at the event!

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smart_head3726d ago

I wonder if they'll have those bugs (which everyone noticed during the E3 demo) fixed. Jade Raymond mentioned in a few E3 interviews that the bugs were already taken care of back at Ubisoft Montreal.

TriggerHappy3726d ago

I think if they had not shown it at GC this year and had just concentrated on working out the bugs, that would have been much better as the game would be ready for TGS.

Captain Tuttle3726d ago

I'm over this game. I'm a cynic though.

Lakuspakus3726d ago

You're over it before it has been released? Playa :P

Captain Tuttle3726d ago (Edited 3726d ago )

I don't buy every single game that comes out for a system...I work for a living and have kids to feed and a mortgage to pay. It's called living on a budget.

Sexius Maximus3725d ago

It's no use trying to explain...most people on this website don't even know what a mortgage is. Mommy and Daddy buy everything for them. I hear ya though...a brother has to budget.

LSDARBY3726d ago

I will buy this game, but i hope its turns out better than what weve seen so far cus it seems kinda average

Syko3726d ago

This game will be really good, mabye not great but, Just because of a few "Early" bugs everyone is all over this game like it is going to be crap. I will reserve judgment until magazines and reviewers start posting 5 out of 10 scores for it. But right now I will believe in this game. My prediction is around 8/10 - 8.5/10 or so.

Looking at all your comments 1-4 it looks like this game doesn't have a chance in hell. I hope I am right on this one =)

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