EU PS Store down for maintenance

At 16:18, when I was on the store I received a 'the PS Store is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused. So what could the update be?

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Violater3972d ago

Update not = Maintenance

ASSASSYN 36o3972d ago

Last I checked maintenance consits of an update.

Violater3972d ago

You don't nor intend to own a ps3 so why care?

XxZxX3972d ago

maintenance usually involved in database clean up, server migration, add in new server. No additional features added or bug fixes.

Update can be adding new functionality, bug fixes.

Usually maintenance and update come together but no, maintenance is not update. So I guess you need to check more.

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sunlollyking3972d ago

I'm betting they are just re adding all of the glitched games that got taken down.

Demon19803972d ago

Don't get your hopes up guys. They have had maintenances for the store before and nothing really happened.

Vip3r3972d ago

Has this got anything to do with the PS1 games that were screwed up?

smart_head3972d ago

The UK store is back up folks. Nothing seems to have changed. I hope this doesn't get approved since it's too late already to post it.

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