The DNA of XNA

In the world of science, DNA is a recent discovery. In the world of gaming development, XNA is even newer. Simply put XNA is an easy to sue software suite. It lets you make games for both the PC and the Xbox 360. First announced as an initiative at the Game Developers Conference in 2004, the project was led by J Allard. By the end of 2005, the proof of the concept was up and running. At the 2006 GDC, Microsoft released the completed XNA framework.

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All good and nice but, from my end i have not seen anything that makes me think this is having an impact.

Games are still taking ages to make, with loads of delays ( at least the games we really want to play ).

I have not seen anything amazingly creative. i mean something total out of the normal, fresh and new. I have not seen user created games on live yet.

ok, i know some people have made what looks like some cool stuff, but nothing that has actually got into the hands of us xbox gamers.

Nice plan though...

maybe its just us in the UK that are missing all this xna created stuff..